AMS Teacher Scholarships For Montessori

AMS Teacher Scholarships For MontessoriABOUT THE AWARD
The AMS TEACHER EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP is awarded annually by the society called “AMS” (American Montessori Society) to support the development of Montessori teachers of tomorrow. AMS believes that training in Montessori school is excellent opportunity & a great alternative to the traditional teaching methodology. To promote teachers belief in Montessori education the AMS Teacher Education Scholarship is awarded by the organization. Any aspiring Montessori teacher, worldwide, who needs assistance for the tuition cost & who has been accepted or is in the process of acceptance by an affiliated AMS teacher education program is eligible to apply for a Montessori scholarship for teaching.

The AMS founded in 1960 as a non-profit & non-prejudiced organization is committed to support and encourage Montessori teaching approach in private and public education system. Since its inception the AMS has grown as the world’s biggest Montessori organization with strength of ten thousand & more dedicated members. Promoting the Montessori philosophy the aim of the organization is to promote better education for all children regardless of age, socio-economic status or geographical location. To support educators and teachers AMS provides the AMS TEACHER EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP for effective Montessori learning environment.
Under the AMS TEACHER EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP 2009 the institute had raised $110,000 towards the Montessori teachers’ education and awarded $44,750 in teacher education scholarships to enthusiastic Montessori teachers. The teachers were from various categories including teachers providing education in Infant and toddler, early childhood, elementary & secondary systems. The scholarship amount depends upon the financial need of the applicant and the AMS committee’s decision.
The applicants have to provide two complete set of application materials which consists of
• Fully completed application form
• Personal statement which includes any financial need, reason for becoming Montessori teacher & many other details
• Financial statements and tax details
• Three letters of recommendation from individuals advocating the applicant’s scholarship eligibility and reasons why the applicant should be a recipient of AMS assistance
• Verification of Teacher Education Program (TEP) Acceptance
The entire set of application material needs to be mailed on or before 1st May to the address – The American Montessori Society, 281 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010 Attn: Connie Murphy.

Please note – All the current enrolled applicants with the Teacher Education Program are ineligible for this scholarship. The Montessori scholarship is granted only for the tuition cost and not for any other expenses and expenditure. The AMS scholarship is directly forwarded to the TEP to which the applicant has enrolled. No discrimination is made while providing the assistance to the applicants.

The selection of recipient is based on the details provided and the need for the assistance. All the recipients and applicants are informed about the selection of teachers for scholarship.

As Montessori believes “Children teach themselves” naturally but need the environment to showcase their abilities – this needs to be provided by the teachers. As a Montessori teacher, the responsibility lies with the teacher to promote maximum development of each child’s abilities. It’s the teacher who sets the stage and serves as a multifaceted resource person and model. The children do the rest. They construct their own personal knowledge through their active participation in a variety of meaningful experiences. To ensure that the teacher has these capabilities and understand them properly, assistance is required and this in turn is provided by AMS teaching scholarships.

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  1. Maria Montessori who was a female physician in Italy founded the Montessori Center in London 1947. ‘She believed that children teach themselves’. This simple but profound truth inspired Maria Montessori’s lifelong pursuit of educational reform, methodology, psychology, teaching, and teacher training–all based on her dedication to furthering the self-creating process of the child. Among her American supporters were Thomas Edison and Helen Keller who believed in her teaching methodology. With her scientific background to guide her, she observed how young people learned best when engaged in purposeful activity rather than simply being fed information. In 1906 she gave up both her university chair and her medical practice to work on her belief of how children learn and should be taught.

    She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times–in 1949, 1950, and 1951.

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  4. Respected Sir/Madam
    This is to inform you that I am teaching in a Montessori school in Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit (Hunza) and I have done one year training in Montessori education at American International School at Islamabad. I would like to get more training in Montessori education in your esteemed organization and please also let me know either expense is bear by your organization or have to pay personally.

    Please guide me how I can get admission in your organization?.


  5. maryam,

    we provide information on the various scholarship programs throughout the world but you do not apply to us for them. You must go directly to their website which we normally will provide a link to. Have you considered university bursaries.

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