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Women Only Scholarships

Female students who are in search of financial assistance for their education will find there are many women scholarships available. These female scholarships can help to ease the financial burden associated with completing an education. There are often scholarships for women available in a wide array of fields, including those traditionally dominated by men.

Womens Western Golf Foundation Scholarship

The Women’s Western Golf Foundation Scholarship is specifically for women who are involved in golf. Applicants must not only be U.S. citizens but must also be able to demonstrate financial need as well as excellent character and academic achievement. Applicants are not required to excel in golf as a requirement of this womens scholarship, although they should be involved with golf. The female scholarship award is renewable annually for a period of up to four years. The award amount is $2,000. Applications should be sent in by March 1st.

Laurels Fund Women Scholarships

The Laurels Fund awards an accounting scholarship for women who are pursuing an advanced degree in the field of accounting. To qualify for the female scholarship, applicants must have completed a comprehensive exam before beginning their prior fall semester. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate financial need. The women scholarship was originally established in 1978. The award amount is $5,000. Applications must be submitted by no later than May 30th.

Delta Gamma Foundation Scholarships for Women

The Delta Gamma Foundation offers members of their sorority who are in pursuit of undergraduate degrees women’s scholarships. Awards are based on leadership abilities, academic excellence and community involvement. When you apply for this all female scholarship, you also become eligible to receive any other Delta Gamma Foundation scholarship. The award amount is $1,000. Applications must be submitted by January 15th. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and must also have completed three semesters or four quarters of college.

Opportunity Scholarships for Lutheran Laywomen Scholarships

The Opportunity Scholarships for Lutheran Laywomen scholarships awards four different girl scholarships for Lutheran women who are pursuing a career that is not in the ordained ministry. Applicants must have a church membership and must also have experienced some type of interruption within their education for at least two years. These female scholarships specifically target women who are studying abroad and women of color. The award amount varies. Applications should be submitted by February 15th. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to qualify for the Opportunity Scholarships for Lutheran Laywomen scholarship.

Women in Need Scholarship for Women

The Women in Need Scholarship is an accounting scholarship offered by the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting. This scholarship program targets women who are the main financial source of support for their families. The award is $2,000 per year. Applications must be submitted by no later than April 30th. All applicants must be incoming, current or re-entering juniors who are in pursuit of an accounting degree. The full award amount may be granted for a period of up to two years and can total $4,000.

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program is available to women who have experienced some type of partner domestic abuse. The goal of the program is to assist women with the opportunity to gain secure employment as well as personal independence. Applications are accepted for this female scholarship program on an ongoing basis. This program was originally established in 1999 and primarily targets undergraduate students. Applicants must have been separated from their abuser for a minimum of one year. In addition, applicants should have sought consistent support and counseling. They must also demonstrate financial need to qualify for this all girl scholarship.

New Horizons Scholarship for Women

Women’s scholarships also include the New Horizons Scholarship. This is a scholarship for female members of Royal Neighbors of America. Since this organization was started in 1961 it has awarded more than $3 million in scholarship awards. The organization also offers scholarships for female high school students. The award amount is up to $5,000. Applications should be submitted by no later than April 1st. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and also must have a high school diploma.

There are many more women scholarships but these are just a few of the higher profile ones. There are female scholarships in any field you want to study in, so a little searching will find that for you. Look for the multiple awards given out annually by scholarship sponsors because this will increase your chances of winning the next time you apply.

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