Ford Motor Scholarships Offer Educational Opportunities

ford motor company scholarships

Ford Motor Scholarships

While the Ford Motor Company is known for introducing the automobile in 1903, they also offer numerous Ford Motor Scholarships. Ford has a long-standing commitment to education throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Part of that commitment to education includes funding textbook supplies as well as mentoring high school students who are seeking an edge in industry and business.

SME Ford PAS Scholarships

Ford Motor Company scholarships include the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Ford PAS Scholarships. There are three $1,000 scholarships offered through this program. These Ford sponsored scholarships are offered to graduating high school seniors. Applicants must have participated in the PAS program or Partnership for Advanced Studies. This program places high school students in informal internship or mentoring situations, giving them the opportunity to learn and observe from academics and business people. The program also emphasizes participation among underrepresented students while promoting their education in engineering, the sciences, technical and math fields.

The Henry Ford Academy Scholarship

The Henry Ford Academy Scholarship is awarded to a single outstanding student who is an alumnus of the Ford Academy. The Ford Academy is a type of charter school located in Michigan. The academy offers a cutting-edge education while engaging students within a wide range of courses. The scholarship is worth $10,000 and can be put toward the completion of a four-year undergraduate college degree.

AFS-USA Ford PAS Scholarship

The AFS-USA Ford PAS scholarship offers a fully funded study abroad program through the AFS Program. Ford Scholarships also include the Ford Motor Company/American Indian College Fund Corporate Scholars Program. This program recognizes Alaskan, Native American or Hawaiian students with a desire in pursuing technology, math, the sciences or business. The scholarship award is $10,000. Applicants must demonstrate financial need to be eligible for the AFS-USA Ford PAS scholarship program.

Ford Motor Company Tribal Scholarship

The Ford Company Tribal Scholarship program provides a maximum of $5,000 to financially needy Native American students who are planning to pursue a degree in technology, math, sciences or teaching. This scholarship is a one-time award and is strictly limited to $5,000. Students must be a full-time student, United States citizen and have good academic standing in order to qualify for the Ford Company Tribal Scholarship program. The award may be given to one or more students. The deadline for applying for the Tribal Scholarship program is May 31st.

The HSF/Ford Motor Company Scholarship Program

The HSF/Ford Motor Company scholarship program provides awards to Hispanic students worth $2,500. All applicants must be a graduating high school senior who is enrolling in a four-year degree program within the United States. The HSF/Ford Motor Company scholarship program is specifically designed to help graduating high school seniors who have a Hispanic heritage. The Ford scholarships are awarded on a national basis to students who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The award is a one-time only scholarship and is limited to $2,500. To be eligible for this scholarship sponsored by Ford Motor applicants must have good academic standing and must also be a full-time student as well as a legal permanent resident or United States citizen. The deadline for this scholarship is March 15th.

Hispanic College Fund/Ford Mi Fuerza Scholarship

The Hispanic College Fund/Ford Mi Fuerza Scholarship program awards scholarships between $500 and $5,000. These Ford Motor company scholarships are based on financial need as well as merit. One or more scholarships may be awarded on an annual basis.

Ford Blue Oval Scholars Program

Ford Motor Company scholarships also include the Ford Blue Oval Scholars Program. This program is web-based initiative that is operated on a national level and offers scholarship winners the chance to share information, network, learn about jobs and internships and plan as well as implement community service initiatives while also access information regarding careers at Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company/EEOC Scholarship

Ford Motor Company also sponsors the Ford Motor Company EEOC Scholarship. This Ford scholarship is specifically intended for women or minorities with a connection to Ford Motor Company. This connection may be as an employee, the spouse of an employee or the child of an employee. All applicants must be a resident of Kentucky and must be pursuing an undergraduate degree. The deadline to apply is April 15th. These Ford Motor scholarships are offered through the University of Louisville.

Other Ford Scholarships

Ann Ford Scholarship for the Disabled


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