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The Kennedy scholarship was established in the memory of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Widely considered to have been a man of vision before his assassination in 1963, JFK scholarships are often designed to carry his vision on to the youth, encouraging them to go through school and achieve their own dreams. There are multiple Kennedy scholarships to meet different needs for different people. The number of JFK scholarships available makes locating such programs relatively easy, though it is without a doubt that competition is going to be fairly high. Students should start looking at JFK scholarships as early as possible so that they can create the best application package they can, otherwise they may find themselves left in the dust.

Depending on the Kennedy scholarship an individual is going after, students may have to prepare an essay or be heavily involved in community service. Still others will require a high level of academic achievement or be targeted at a particular academic institution. There is also at least one Kennedy scholarship designed to help students from the United Kingdom find funding for either the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or Harvard University.

The Kennedy memorial scholarship provided directly from the Kennedy Memorial trust for students in the United Kingdom is given out every year by the Kennedy Memorial Trust. This group awards multiple JFK scholarships every year to deserving international students. A fantastic program, this Kennedy scholarship covers tuition and fees at an unspecified level for a number of years as awarded students finish their PhD work or work on a more general program. In order to be eligible for this Kennedy scholarship students will need to be British citizens who live regularly in the United Kingdom and received their education primarily through schools in that country. All application material must be submitted online no later than September 7 of every year.

The John F Kennedy scholarship from the JFK Lancer group provides multiple $500 JFK scholarships every year to students who win their award. In order to be eligible for this program students will need to be involved in their school’s student government, have a 2.5 minimum grade point average, be involved in extracurricular activities and prepare a JFK project on the president’s life. All application material must be submitted no later than October 1 of every year.

The Scholarship Foundation of John Kennedy High School provides a Kennedy scholarship every year to students who meet exceptional academic criteria. The program is only available to those students who are graduating from John Kennedy High School and are planning to attend a university full time in the following fall. Though not specified as an eligibility requirement, this merit based JFK scholarship will be given to students specifically based on their grade point average and other supporting material, so the stronger a personal academic record the better. Scholarship amounts vary from as low as $500 to as high as $1,000. All application material must be submitted no later than February 19.

From the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum comes the JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest. This John F Kennedy scholarship provides three different levels of awards. The winner of the competition receives $10,000 total – $5,000 in cash and another $5,000 placed in a college saving account. A single second place winner will receive $1,000 and at least one finalist but no more than five will receive $500. Eligibility for this program requires that students be high school students in the United States, be under 20 years of age and not be a previous winner of the award. All materials must be submitted no later than January 7.

There are multiple Kennedy scholarships available to students who take the time to look around. From individual schools to large national organizations, students should have no problem finding a program to which they can apply. Applying to these programs is not a guarantee of funding, but the stronger the application the better the chances so students are encouraged to try hard and keep focused into their academic futures.

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