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Johnson and Johnson Scholarships

Through various groups, Johnson and Johnson scholarships come in various forms and are fairly well available depending on a student’s location in the United States. Johnson and Johnson scholarships are not made directly available to applicants but rather are often made available to specific institutions which then manage the programs on their own. Beyond offering scholarships itself, students who are seeking degrees in nursing should consider using the Johnson and Johnson hosted website, “Campaign for Nursing,” which is designed to help locate Johnson scholarships for those in that field. This resource provides an immense amount of potential resources which students will be able to take advantage of and apply to depending on general eligibility requirements. While these are not all Johnson and Johnson scholarships per se, it is an excellent scholarship finder supported by the company. That being said there are a number of other Johnson Johnson scholarships available to interested applicants, very often in and around the medical fields. Apart from offering two different programs specifically for nurses, another program is available through the American Dental Education Association. As a quick summation, students should understand that Johnson and Johnson scholarships seem to be primarily available to students interested in nursing.

The Johnson and Johnson scholarship which has received the most press and attention has been the Campaign for Nursing’s Future program which in 2011 gave out over 12 different awards. This medical scholarship is managed by the National League for Nursing (NLN) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). Together these groups judge applications and select winners for the available awards. Awards under this Johnson and Johnson scholarship range from $1,000 to $2,500 meaning that with a total available funding chest of $125,000 at the very least 50 different scholarships can be awarded. In order to be eligible for this Johnson scholarship applicants will need to be United States citizens while being enrolled in accredited universities attempting to get any level degree in nursing. While money is available for nursing graduate degrees, money for those students will only be available under certain circumstances. The applications for the program open in May 2011 and close in January 2012. All applications must be submitted no later than January 13, 2012.

Now Johnson & Johnson scholarships do not only come through as nursing awards for students interested in the field. The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) has worked with Johnson and Johnson scholarships to give out multiple $2,500 awards to students. Eligibility for this program requires that students be enrolled at a recognized dental school in the United States, have a “superior academic record,” and be a member of the ADEA. All applications must be submitted to the ADEA office no later than November 1, 2011.

There are of course other programs which have previously offered Johnson and Johnson scholarships which may reopen in 2011-2012. The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners received a grant from Johnson and Johnson of up to $50,000 which provided for 13 different $3,500 scholarships. While there is no promise that the program will be made available again in 2011, interested students should consider checking back in during the summer of 2011 to see if the program has been renewed. As winners of these medical scholarships are announced in December of every year students should check in with the website during June or July to check on its status. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing offered five different $18,000 scholarships for the 2010-2011 academic years which were supported through Johnson and Johnson scholarships. The 2010 deadline for this program was May 7, so there is a good chance that it has not been renewed for the 2011-2012 academic year, but interested students should always pay attention just in case it is reactivated.

Johnson and Johnson scholarships are available for a number of purposes, but they seem to be primarily designed for students interested in nursing or some form of medical practice. Students interested in these fields should absolutely consider the Johnson scholarships as a method to help pay for their education.


  1. Joseph Kawele

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Zambian citizen currently holding Unconditional offer of a study place on an MSc in Water Management Community water and sanitation in October, 2011 at Cranfield University, UK applying for a scholarship to enable me undertake this important study which will contribute to the attainment of the Millenium Development Goals in Zambia.

    I will be very grateful if my application will be considered.

    Thank you.

    Joseph Kawele

  2. Joseph,

    you must apply to any scholarship we write about by going directly to the website of the scholarship sponsor. A link is normally provided at the end of the article. This is the only way to apply to any scholarship we write about. Have you looked into student bursaries?

  3. kesebonye Motswaledi

    i hold a diploma in psychiatric mental health nursing from Botswana and want a scholarship for my first degree in the field of mental health. How best can you help me?

  4. I’m 50+ years old and going back to school in Radiological Sciences. I’m in dire need of some grants to get this done! Any suggestions or advice?

  5. Shirley,

    read about Aarp scholarships and (women) mom scholarships. The mom scholarship site has many scholarships which moms as well as women can apply to.

  6. I hold a diploma in midwifery from Ghana and have gained admission to offer medicine at Texila American University in September 2012. How best can you help me.Thank you.

  7. RITA,

    read more at the ECA Bureau. Have you looked into your government bursaries. The Canadian government works very well with out of country students. Also read about Belgium scholarships and the VLIR scholarships too.

  8. I’m a US citizen. 46 YO. Hispanic. Went do dental school abroad. Got my DDS degree(doctor in dental surgery) . I will start a residency program in The USA, (Advance Education in General Dentistry , or AEGD)in a couple of months but will only be given a small stipend because I went to a foreign dental school.(vs students from US dental schools who get full stipend) Would like to know if there are any kind of scholarship grants for students in my situation. Thx

  9. juan,

    I would talk to your manager in the FinAids office about your situation to see what student would be available for you if you haven’t already done so. It’s unique. Read more at: which could help you.

  10. I am 18 years old currently standing as a Senior in high school and will attend college fall of 2013. My situation pertains to being the second child my parents have to pay for college. I am in desperate need for scholarships and grants because I do not want to put my family and myself into a deeper financial burden. I was hoping to find Johnson and Johnson for help because of my story of the origins of my name inspired by their company. Please help me.

  11. Johnson,

    you should be able to qualify for need based grants, and scholarships you qualify for. My advice to you is to set up an appointment with a FinAids councilor at the college you are interested inn attending to discuss your options based on your family financial situation. Also read more at college scholarships to apply to while in high school. You can also get student loans without cosigners as a very good last resort. Their government loans with the best rates/terms for students today!

  12. I’m a recent high school graduate with plans to attend collage this fall. I’ve applied for numerous scholarships and has been unsuccessful in my search. I am desperate need for scholarships and grants due to my family finances. I am in a single parent home and have one sibling. My lifelong dream is to pursue a career in the nursing field. I’m a resident of Texas, but my college of choice is University of Arkansas. today I received my Financial Aid Award notice and my out of pocket expense will be 30K a year. I was hoping to find a Johnson and Johnson scholarship that can provide some financial assistance in pursuit of furthering my education.

  13. Amber,

    read more at mom scholarships. Also go to student loans without a cosigner. These are government loans which have the best rates and payback terms!

    You should also apply for grants too…Pell Grants, FSEOG TEACH, and Federal Work Study programs.

  14. Arnold Sta Rosa

    I’m currently accepted in the DNP program (Doctor of Nursing Practice). The entire course is $25,000. I am a resident of Florida. Where can I apply for a scholarship?

  15. Arnold,

    The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program is one program to look into. Look into Grants too. Read more at: nursing scholarships.

  16. William Muganzo

    I have been out of school for about 15 years and will be attending school this fall 2013. My main goal is to be a physician Assistant. I have about eight classes to tranfer to a four year college or university. Where can I apply for grants and scholarships.

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