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Jewish Scholarships

If you’re a Jewish student looking for student aid consider the Jewish college scholarships from HIAS. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) is a global organization which works to help needy Jewish immigrants around the world safely make it to Israel or other recognized safe areas such as the United States. Since 1979 they have offered HIAS scholarships to students in the hopes of allowing immigrants involved in their program to attend post secondary institutions and achieve their dreams of attaining higher degrees. They offer two distinct programs, one in the United States for Jewish immigrants they have helped move legally into the country, and one in Israel for students who have come into the country under the Law of Return. Different amountS are offered for each program, and they have their own requirements for students enrolled.

Students interested in applying for HIAS Jewish scholarships are not required to be recent high school graduates but rather can be any HIAS assisted immigrant who wants to enter programs resulting in associates, bachelors, masters or doctoral degrees. Those students interested in technical certifications are also welcome to apply to the program. HIAS Jewish college scholarships are open to people of any age and to those students who have previously won awards.

Judges considering applications for these 2011 Jewish scholarships are going to be focusing on three specific areas: academic merit, financial need and community activities. Students who are eligible for the HIAS scholarship program should apply carefully according to these judging guidelines. Academic merit is going to be based on progress in school so students that are above average in their educational development should definitely consider applying. According the HIAS website, financial aid is determined by your dependent or independent status. Those students who are considered legally dependent on their parents in the US should gain access and prepare to submit the income of their family while also being sure to include the number of siblings whom also rely on their parents to survive.

Finally, and perhaps the easiest category to offer distinction in, is community service. Here students are going to want to be sure to include any organizations they participate in, any leadership roles they have taken up, or list the various volunteer programs they have been involved in. HIAS scholarships for jewish students recognize youth leadership, so being involved in your community and taking up necessary roles are going to make your application look more encouraging overall. Do not be humble when talking about your community service, as this is an area where you may be able to shine the brightest.

Students who receive a HIAS Jewish scholarship in 2011 will get access to the newly redeveloped program. Apart from having increased the HIAS scholarship award to $4,000, students living outside of the New York City and Los Angeles areas will receive access to a special orientation program designed to introduce them to their award and other recipients. This is further designed to facilitate the social networking of students with others in the program and notable individuals who are members of the HIAS organization.

Additional training and social support structures have been added into the HIAS scholarship program allowing students to develop beyond the education they are receiving in school, learning more about their history or receiving vocational counseling.

Students who receive the 2011 HIAS Jewish college scholarship will also get the opportunity to meet their donor, being able to approach the person who made their award possible for the first time in the program’s history. One of the most exciting aspects of this program is that all recipients will be enrolled in the HIAS Young Leaders Program and participate in generating new projects under the HIAS banner. This last opportunity is really a unique and fantastic way for students to build a resume of social service and develop their organizational skills while still in school. In many ways this final aspect to the HIAS scholarship program really awards students an opportunity to get a leg up in future job opportunities by demonstrating to their employers that they have practical knowledge of organizing from on the ground experiences. Applications for the 2011 Jewish scholarship US-based program have opened and are due no later than on March 15.

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