Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programs

Islamic Development Bank Scholarship

Islamic Development Bank Scholarship

The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship 2011 is an amazing source for financial aid. Islamic Development Bank is an international group put together in 1973 to develop economic opportunities in states around the world. States become members in the organization when they apply, and must have a strong Muslim background in how they operate, including the initiation of Shari’ah Law or other general Islamic legal practices. There are currently fifty six nations which are counted as members of the IDB, and students in these countries are eligible to apply for the many scholarship opportunities IDB offers.

As of 2011, there are three separate programs which have been made available for eligible students including the Scholarship Program for Muslim Communities, Scholarship in Science and Technology and the Merit Scholarship Program for High Technology. Interested students should take the time to peruse the available IDB scholarship programs and almost certainly apply to those IDB scholarships which they are eligible for.

The first Islamic Develop Bank Scholarship that needs to be mentioned is the Scholarship Program for Muslim Communities which allows students from non-member nations to apply for financial assistance. This program offers a rare opportunity for students who are from a Muslim background but do not live in a state which has initiated Islamic Law and are thus not members of the IDB. This Islamic Development Bank Scholarship program covers all expenses necessary to fund a student’s education, which makes this particular IDB scholarship incredibly attractive. Students interested in this scholarship cannot be over 24 years old, must have completed their secondary education, have already secured admission into an institution of higher education and must be a committed Muslim. It is dedicated to funding students who are interested in medicine, engineering, agriculture or any field which is directly related to any of those three disciplines. The deadline for the bank scholarship program for Non-Member Communities is December for in-country studies and July for those students interested in going to school abroad.

Islamic Development Bank Scholarships are primarily designed to help students interested in engaging at the community level, and so the Masters of Science Scholarship Program works to encourage students to enter disciplines such as human resources, science and technology. The generous awards for this program cover academic expenses, living costs, health insurance, air travel to their university, along with allowances for computer needs and conference participation.

Amongst the IDB eligibility requirements, the most important is that interested students must be from the pre-selected list of developed member nations in the IDB. They cannot be over 30 years old, must be a graduate student, have been nominated from their four year institution and be interested in returning home after graduation. Students who have studied and received a Bachelor of Science in demography or statistics are also welcome to apply for the program. In order to apply for this program, students will need to have submitted all of their relevant material by December 31.

The final Islamic Development Bank Scholarship that the IDB offers is the Merit Scholarships. This IDB scholarship is designed to help those students interested in advanced studies in the fields of applied science and technology. It gives awards to those students who are involved in a three year doctoral programs or have begun post-doctoral research. Applicants cannot be over the age of 35, must be attached to an established program, have a strong academic background and have a good understanding of whatever language their chosen institution speaks natively. In order to better fund those students selected for this program, the Merit Scholarship covers all academic expenses, provides a living allowance, gives money for health insurance programs, pays for air fare, and makes available cash for computer needs. Beyond these, the Merit Scholarship also provides an allowance for students preparing a scientific paper and additional resources for family-oriented needs, though these last two items are only available to post-doctoral students. The deadline for the IDB Merit Scholarship program is December 31. It is always smart to start planning out an application as early as possible so starting now will prove to be a boon to many interested applicants.


  1. Besmilah rahmani rahim
    asalamualykum.My name is roba .i am Ethiopian and i live in adama town. i am 17 years old.i want to learn islamic education & Sharia.
    i have a good hope to this things because isha allah i will get this apportunity.
    Asalamualykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu.

  2. Roba,

    if you fit the criteria apply to these scholarships. Also contact your state educational bureau to see what are the latest student aid options for you.

  3. Salam Alleykum!

    I’m Muslim Lady from Russia.
    This summer I’ll finished magistratura, In-sha-Allah! I’m going to learn Islamic Finance in graduate in Eqypt! Than I want to get Scholarship for it! Can I participatу in Islamic Development Bank Scholarship?

    As-salam Alleykum va rahmatula va BarakatuLlah!

  4. Zakhidat,

    go to Islamic Development Bank Scholarship contact to direct your question. I’m sure they will need more details from you and they will quickly answer them.

  5. Dear Administrator,
    I am a Muslim student from Russia studying in Germany. I was awarded by one-year non-degree study in US in builging construction but I need to be finaced in order to be able to go and to study in US. Am I elegible for any of IDB scholarship programs for muslim students from Russia?

  6. Adelya,

    you must direct this question to Islamic Development Bank contact to get a definitive answer.

  7. Zeinab Atarzadeh Chaleshtari

    Dear Administrator,
    I am Zeinam Atarzadeh Chaleshtari. I have graduated in accounting from Shahid Chamran University, and my GPA is 18/54 out of 20 or 3.7 out of 4. In addition, I have been working as a finance expert in Tehran University of Medical Sciences for the last 4 years. I have recently taken IELTS exam and my overall score is 6, but i have been studying for better score in IELTS and also for GMAT on my own. I know that the GMAT is not held in iran; therefore, i have decided to go to Turkey or Dubai to take the exam. I have been keen on becoming a university professor as i think
    as a professor i can have the most positive effect on others and help them actively. I have decided to go for masters in the USA,and then i am going to come back to iran to become a lecturer in a respectable university.
    It would be very kind of you to guide me how can i get a scholarship for studing masters in USA?
    Yours faithfully,
    Zeinab Atarzadeh Chaleshtari

  8. Dear brother muslim

    Subject: Application for scholarship as a destitute Rohingya student in Russia.

    Respected sir,

    I am a 3rd year student at general medicine department of perm
    state academy of medicine named after prof.E. Wagner

    I would like to fulfilment my education in the future but I could not afford the expenditure of University which is very expensive.

    So, I need your financial support to carry out my education.
    Kindly help me by providing scholarship as a destitute Rohingya student.

    I hope you will not disappoint my request and help me as soon as possible.

    May Allah accept your all endeavours here and here after.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    With best wishes ands was-Salam.

    Yours very sincerely,

    ( Amir Hussain )
    name .Amir Hussain
    Address: St.Popova 58 – Hostel No.1
    Room No,411 Perm-Russia
    Mobile No: +79068761113

  9. Amir,

    apply to the The Davis Scholarship. It’s international. Try study abroad scholarships when applying also. Consider the Commonwealth scholarships too and student bursaries.

  10. Zeinab,

    MSc Scholarships are not the easiest to find. Consider Belgium scholarships and the VLIR scholarship program. They may have Master program aid for you – send them an email directly to see. Look into Canadian bursaries too.

  11. muhammad jamshed

    Assalam o alicum. I want to ask about the Ph D scholarship from IDB, that may fullfill the veterinary sector and with my family.

    Kindly guide me in this regard.

    Thanking in anticipaption.

    i am saif masood shah from pakistan. i want to apply for aeronautical engineering but my parents can’t afford my fees. i belong from interior sindh( backward area) i have completed my FSC and i am getting the admission offer letter from an abroad university. can you please help me in geting some financial aid for my studies .
    hoping for a positive response.
    THANKS and

  13. saif,

    look into bursary schemes as a possible option. Read up on overseas scholarships.

  14. Asalam Alaek!
    I am a medical student, Nigerian by nationality but studying in Russia. I’ll like to know if there can be any help concerning my tuition fee or if there is any chance of scholarship.
    Baraka llah fiikum.

  15. Shakrullah,

    you must apply to find out. Read also about ISNA Scholarships and study abroad scholarships too. Read about the Davis scholarships too.

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