Bruce Lee Scholarships for Character


Bruce Lee Scholarships for Character

Bruce Lee scholarships offer a great way to get extra money when you’re considering how you will offset many of the expenses on securing an undergraduate degree. There are particular requirements that involve much more than your grades from high school, but, if you meet them, you could land a large allocation, that’s for sure. Even though it’s long the application process won’t overwhelm you when you consider how much you could receive. These Lee scholarships are designed to help those with financial need, drive, and the ability to self-reflect, and can get you as much as $5,000. That’s a hefty sum!

Scholarship Requirements and Preferences
Earning one of the Bruce Lee scholarships isn’t an overwhelming endeavor, but you’ll need to hit a few key points that are important to the Bruce Lee Foundation. Education was always a mainstay in Bruce Lee’s philosophy, so a drive toward furthering that education and the maintenance of a 3.0 GPA throughout high school will always be required.

Character was another valuable asset that Bruce Lee admired. He always promoted free-thinking and honest expression of emotion and intention. These traits propelled him into the hearts of many, which is a position that he maintains even today, despite his death in 1973. Those with strong character and the drive and ability to persevere through adversity should apply. Work in the community will also carry a lot of weight with the selection committee, so if you have an interest in applying, be sure that you’re meeting all aspects of the criteria. The application deadline is February 28th, but details like this change regularly, so be sure to research the details before applying.

Who Was Bruce Lee?
Bruce Lee scholarships are meant to encourage those that have similar interests to Bruce Lee, a prominent martial artist and spiritual philosopher. He believed that education was paramount to becoming the best individual you could be, and overcame quite a bit of adversity in his lifetime. Born in San Francisco, the popular actor, director, and founder of Jeet Kune Do, Lee brought Chinese martial arts to much of the western United States. He maintained that everyone deserved to learn martial arts, and always advocated the proper care of your body. Bruce Lee always accredited his physical abilities to spiritual exploration, and believed that those searching for such enlightenment would find it and become very powerful in body and spirit. These goals helped to shape his entire life, and without the influence of Lee in American culture, martial arts may not have nearly the draw or interest that they maintain today.Lee was always known to be a confident, assertive, and resilient man. Fighting through injuries and the battle with his own personal demons, he always maintained a lifestyle that promoted physical and mental stability.

Scholarship Availability
Bruce Lee scholarships will vary in award amount, as there are multiple scholarships awarded. High school seniors are the only eligible applicants, as this particular award is designed for those immediately using the Lee scholarship. The nationality or heritage of high school seniors seeking this scholarship is irrelevant.

Scholarships awarded in the memory of Bruce Lee are designed to help those that aspire to achieve the same goals or life lessons that Lee pursued throughout his lifetime. Working in the community, maintaining the necessary grades, and of course, overcoming hurdles that would cause others to give-up will always help the applicant’s chances.

The allocations are substantial, and there’s no doubt that amounts like this can be the difference between a student graduating from college or deciding that they can’t afford it. Whether your field of study involves a university, technical or vocation school, or community college, there could be an award waiting on you! A visit to the foundation’s website or inquiring with your school’s financial aid officer can help you get the application process underway. Understanding what’s required the year before you apply can increase your chances, as well, so be sure that you’ve read the criteria, have exhibited the community awareness that’s appreciated, and of course, kept those grades where they need to be.


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