Cleveland Scholarships


Cleveland Scholarships

Cleveland scholarships are provided through the long-standing Cleveland Foundation which was established in 1914 in an attempt to make higher education more accessible to the young people of Cleveland, Ohio. Like foundations with similar intents in other parts of the United States, Cleveland scholarships are part of a long-standing tradition which revolves around trying to provide students with new opportunities they may otherwise not have access to. As the organization has grown throughout its history its general wealth has expanded to roughly 1.9 billion dollars of which 89 million dollars was given out in 2010 for educational scholarships. Apart from providing many of their own programs, outside organizations often partner up with the Cleveland Scholarship Foundation to provide Cleveland scholarships for students within the city and the greater metropolitan area.

There are many different Cleveland scholarships available through the foundation and students should carefully consider all available programs that they may be interested in. While different scholarships may have their own eligibility requirements, there are several very general requirements which will apply to all programs. These include requiring applicants to be United States citizen, be preparing to attend an accredited university, live in the Cuyahoga, Cake or Geauga counties within the state of Ohio.

The ALCOA Fund is an example of a Cleveland scholarship program which some students may be interested in. This program provides up to $5,000 to a varying number of students every year, though depending on funding available that amount can be subject to change. Students interested in this program will need to be of African-American or Hispanic ethnic origin, a graduate of Cleveland Metropolitan Schools, enrolled in a two or four-year college and be willing to take part of a volunteer mentor program. All applicants will need to have at least a 3.0 grade point average and have their application materials turned in no later than April 30.

Another great example of a Cleveland scholarship comes from the Charlotte Alexander program. This program gives out multiple $1,500 Cleveland scholarships to a variable number of students. Students will need to be residents of Cleveland, be at least freshmen in high school with a clear dedication to succeed, be able to demonstrate financial aid, and be able to show that they have a parent who is interested in their education. The Charlotte Alexander Cleveland scholarship is due by March 15.

Looking over all the many programs available as Cleveland Scholarships it is clear that an incredible outpouring of support is readily available in the city and surrounding area. The Cleveland’s Future Engineers Scholarship is yet another great example of this very support. Limited to students who are residents of Cuyahoga County, this Cleveland scholarship gives out at least one $5,000 award every year. Interested applicants will need to have a 3.2 grade point average, be a graduating high school senior, be planning to go to a four-year university and demonstrate clear strengths in the fields of math, science, engineering, or computer science. All applications for this Cleveland scholarship must be turned in no later than March 15.

It is difficult to overstate the sheer number of scholarships available through the Cleveland Foundation, and one would be hard pressed to find a program which matches its exceptional gifts. Anybody interested in starting a scholarship with the Cleveland Foundation can contact them to do so, or donate money to an existing program. The Judge Leo A and Mrs. Gilberta Jackson Justice and Integrity Cleveland Scholarship has awarded a single $1,500 scholarship annually since 1999. Students who would like to apply for this Cleveland scholarship will need to be enrolled at Spelman College and be at least juniors in high school at the time of their application. All applicants will need to be interested in entering public service or a community oriented profession. As this Cleveland scholarship is in part given out based on financial need, student will need to fill out and submit their FAFSA scores.


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