Army ROTC Scholarship Program

Army ROTC Scholarship

Army ROTC Scholarship

The Army ROTC Scholarship (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Scholarship) Program offered by the US Army, provides an excellent opportunity for bright students to attend one of the best leadership courses – the ROTC Program in the United States. The merit based eligible students can finance their college education while simultaneously working toward their commission as an Army officer. Four-, three-, and two-year ROTC scholarships are available to qualified students. High school seniors may be awarded either a four- or three-year advanced designee scholarship. College freshmen and sophomores can apply for either a three- or two-year Army ROTC scholarship respectively.

The United States Army offers the ROTC scholarships at nearly 600 colleges and universities that have or are affiliated with ROTC programs. In exchange for the full tuition, books and monthly stipend, cadets commit to serving either 4 years on active duty or 8 years part-time in the reserve or National Guard forces of the Army. The scholarship is provided based on the merit and not the financial need. The scholarships granted by Army ROTC are a great way for students to achieve academic success without dealing with much of the stress that college life entails. Scholarship cadets are able to attend college for little or no cost and at the same time benefit from the training and experience that ROTC programs provide.

The Army ROTC scholarship entitles its recipients to full-tuition assistance, as well as a textbook/fee allowance and a monthly stipend to cover the student’s living expenses. The ROTC scholarship amount varies but can go up to $18,000 per year. The amount that cadets on ROTC scholarships receive for their monthly stipend depends on their year in school, as shown below:
• Year 1: $300/month
• Year 2: $350/month
• Year 3: $450/month
• Year 4: $500/month
Being merit a based scholarship, the application criteria is stringent as it includes high SAT or ACT scores and requirements to meet physical standards. Regular participation in the ROTC activities is essential as well. There are many more such criteria that can be checked at. The Army ROTC scholarship application needs to be done online between March and November every year.

When cadets complete the ROTC course, upon graduation, they become commissioned officers in the U.S. Army. Serving US Army after the course completion is mandatory. However the option is really worthy due to the fact that the average salary of Signal Corps officer 15% better than that of a Telecommunication Engineer.

The purpose of ROTC is to groom Young Professionals to serve the military and hence the ROTC Scholarship Program for each branch – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Cost Guard. Serving in Army is one of the most challenging and interesting jobs. Even a short career teaches discipline, values, ethics and above all leadership – to stand out amongst others. Unmatched opportunity to work and lead big teams in a crisis situation and handle millions of dollars of equipments is provided to the recipients. US Army – one of the largest Army with more than 6 million soldiers provides such an opportunity through the “Army ROTC Scholarship”.


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