Hop on Board with Youngstown State University Scholarships Grants

YSU Scholarships Grants

Youngstown State University Scholarships Grants

Consider Youngstown State University Scholarships Grants and their student aid!

Here’s why!

It is understandable that college tuition can be very expensive, and there are so many bright students who would not have been able to sit through school without assistance.

Youngstown State University however set up a fund, the YSU Foundation whose role is to make sure that no such students are left out of the educational process. With more than $212 million available for the foundation, every needy student has a chance to go for their dreams with YSU scholarships and grants.

As a matter of fact it pledges $7.4 million every other year for the students through scholarships.

All those students who believe they are not in a position to handle the financial obligations are required to at least submit their applications for consideration in good time.

Youngstown State University, YSU located in Youngstown Ohio focuses on enriching the lives of students through a creative, integrated approach that brings out the best out of the students in the urban research university.

The students are the core of the institution, with most of the programs categorically structured with their needs in mind.

From scientific advancements, civic, technological development and cultural affiliations, this is one of the best schools in the region that can give students a complete educational experience.

Even as you apply, it is important to take note of the fact that you will not be eligible to get more than one scholarship through the Scholarships for Excellence program.

The scholarships do not just apply to those who are already enrolled at the school, but they are also available to freshman students who excelled in high school.

These are available only to the students who are admitted to the university. However, even as you apply for the Freshman Scholarships for Excellence, you must take note that they will only be awarded to individuals who are enrolled on a full-time basis at the institution.

When you are sending in your application for consideration you will have to send in transcripts too, because in most cases the scholarships are normally awarded by merit. It is the role of the foundation to make sure that no bright student is denied a chance at a good education because of financial constraints.

Top YSU Scholarships and Grants

The most prestigious scholarship grants offered by the university is the Leslie H. Cochran University Scholarship. This comes highly regarded and as a matter of fact it is the one scholarship that most students hope to be awarded.

These are full cost scholarships, which means that when you are awarded the scholarship, you will be getting all your costs catered for. Only forty of them are awarded every other year, and they are normally awarded to first year students who are just fresh from high school.

The Leslie H. Cochran University Scholarship unlike the others available at the institution is aimed at providing a careful blend of academic excellence and a good sociocultural environment.

These are the features that make a fully rounded student, and this is what the school aims to get out into the system once the students are through with their studies.

This s however just a primer to what the scholarship entails. Once you are admitted through the program, you become a member of the University Scholars Program. The program comes highly coveted, considering the benefits that you get as a student in the process.

First you will be admitted to the Honors Program in the institution, something that most students only ever get to dream about.

Together with the program, you will also enjoy Honors housing, become an active participant in the different activities that are specially planned for the registered members of the Program, which are normally carried on or off campus. Such include concerts, plays, guest speaker sessions and athletic events.

They also take part in community service projects which are organized by the scholars, and you get early registration for courses.

The school also has transfer scholarships along with the Martin Luther King Inner-City Achievement Award for which you have to complete and submit the FAFSA, and the Academic Achievement Award.

YSU scholarships grants can make it happen for students who apply – start today with your application!

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