Lots of Northern Michigan University Scholarships Grants and Financial Awards

Northern Michigan University  Scholarships Grants

Northern Michigan University Scholarships Grants

NMU awards donor funded scholarships and grants to deserving students to the tune of over $2.3 million every other year. There are quite a number of scholarships on offer at the institution, like the $3000/year NMU Excellence Award, $2000/year NMU Honors Award for Michigan residents.

These awards are also available to non-Michigan residents as well too!

Northern Michigan University is one of the universities in the country that provides one of the best educational facilities for students, while enriching their lives with the kind of education that makes them better students when they finally graduate and exit the campus society.

It is not just about grades and degrees here, but about ensuring that the student population that graduates are above ordinary in their thinking capacity.

Located in Michigan; close to the shoreline of Lake Superior (Michigan’s largest lake), the university has a strong alumnus culture that empowers the students in order to prepare them for life after campus, and the challenges that are available out there. The enrollment¬†is about 9,200 undergraduate and graduate students, and 180 degree programs are offered.¬†

INMU is located in the city of Marquette; in the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan, which is steeped in history; and one beautiful, fun, scenic place to attend college!

Northern Michigan University Scholarships Grants

The Board of Trustees Grant is normally awarded to students that are in financial need, and are eligible for Pell Grant. It is awarded per student up to a maximum of $2000 every other year. However, you must be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours to be considered for this award. The award is renewable every year, though you must show excellent academic progress to be eligible for renewal.

The institution also offers 5 NMU ROTC Room/Board Scholarship awards every year, but it is only available to the students who are enrolled full-time in the institution. Whether or not the scholarship is renewable will depend on the Military Science department, but the student has to be residing in a NMU residence hall.

Take note that if you are accepted for this scholarship, it will override your eligibility for all the other scholarships or grants that are awarded by NMU.

The Michigan Army and Air National Guard Grant normally covers up to 45% of the tuition and fees that students are supposed to pay, but the number of awards varies from time to time.

The Alumni Scholarship for Michigan residents is another award that is available to students whose parents or grandparents are alumnus and live in Michigan. The alumni normally awards $1000 legacy scholarships every other year to 15 students, and you are free to reapply if you need to. You must however submit the alumni legacy certification form and fulfill a host of other requirements to be considered for the award.

Besides, if you graduated from NMU and you live out-of-state, your children can benefit from the Alumni Dependent Tuition Program, as long as they are 24 years or younger. With this benefit program they will be able to pay fees applicable to in-state tuition instead of the higher out-of-state tuition fees.

The Freshman scholarships grants are available for strictly for US citizens/permanent residents who may not have attended any institution after they graduated from high school. These are students who did not go to any college or any institution of learning after they completed their secondary school education.

NMU normally considers the overall GPA on the transcript provided by the high school. However, in the event that the school uses weighted and underweight GPA, the higher of these values will be applied to the selection process.

The school also provides transfer awards, which are also scholarships grants that are provided only for eligible US citizens/permanent residents. It is important to take note of the fact that you may get your scholarship reinstated for the proceeding academic year if you were eligible for renewal by the time you were leaving NMU, if you have not been enrolled in any other institution of learning between the time you left NMU and the time you came back.

You can however get in touch with the admissions office or the financial aid office for more information on a list of scholarships and grants available from NMU, along with the registration deadlines and any other information that might be useful to you.

Northern Michigan University is worth looking into as a place to attend college and the admissions office, along with financial aids, is one of the most accommodating when it comes to awarding scholarships and grants for students.

The amount of NMU scholarships grants that are donor funded is amazing!

You will see this when you apply.


  1. Does this include scholarships for students with ADHD who also has an average of 99.98. This student has also been raised by his grandmother who has just retired. He would also like very much to play football and is currently om his high school teami

  2. Helen,

    direct this question to via their contact page by going thttp://www.nmu.edu/foundation/contactus to get a 100% accurate answer.

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