Unique Scholarships Grants for College

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Unique Scholarships Grants for College

There are some unique scholarships & grants being offered by various places that may be a perfect fit for some college bound students looking for student aid to help pay their way through school. Hopefully some of our readers can take advantage of them. Don’t be intimidated in applying for them either, because these awards may be targeting students just like you.

Wolverine Pathways Scholarships and Grants

The first is being offered from the University of Michigan and is directed towards underrepresented minorities.

It’s called the Wolverine Pathways scholarships grants.

U-M is trying to increase enrollment of this particular group as part of their diversity educational program called ‘The Provost Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”.

It’s a college prep program specifically for 7th & 10th graders of Ypsilanti & Southfield (cities) school districts students. The plan will select 120 students from these districts (60 7th graders and 60 10th graders. Students will be involved with leadership, cultural, test preparation and service opportunities that will be a top notch curriculum putting students on a fast track for success in college.

Once scholars complete the program they can receive a four year scholarship from U-M if they apply, and are admitted.

50 “Pre-employment Scholarships & Grants to Erie County’s Police Training Academy

Other unique scholarships and grants are being offered from the Buffalo Police Department. They are 50 “pre-employment scholarships” to the Erie County’s Police Training Academy. The Buffalo Police Department’s goal is to make the force more racially diverse by adequately preparing students for the Buffalo Police Officer Exam.

This award will cover ALL of the cost in attending the academy too – including tuition and training; as well as uniforms!

There is no other program like it in the country of the US, and look for more of this type of student aid venue being introduced all over the country too with other cities participating. For instance; the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) Area Four Police Civic Committee has awarded 100 scholarships and grants to high school students in the communities of Kingston and St Andrew in the country of Jamaica.

Call (716) 858-6000 for more information on since it’s such a new program.

TCAT Scholarships Grants

Here’s a really nice opportunity for scholarships and grants being offered from the state of Tennessee to the Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Chattanooga State. It’s machine tool technology and is in high demand in the state of Tennessee.

Chattanooga has a big demand in skilled workers in a variety of manufacturing jobs. A certificate from TCAT will meet this demand perfectly.

Students can attend the TCAT program with zero out of pocket. Many students never had a chance to pay for this type of skilled training being offered from TCAT. Now this can be done.

Earnings potential can easily reach $72,000 nowadays; and students can be easily marketable in other geographic locations after their training and a few years of work history under their belts.

Students get hands on training from TCAT – which is a quick way to learn these types of trades. TCAT gives everything one needs to be marketable for stable and long term employment.

Leaders Save Lives Scholarships & Grants from the American Red Cross

Students can host a blood drive for the American Red Cross and have a chance to win scholarships grants up to $2,500. This unusual scholarship is open to high school and college students alike. It’s called the Leaders Save Lives scholarship program.

Register from No. 15 and host a drive between December 15th to January 15th.

Red Cross holds these blood drives during the winter because this is when people are less likely to donate blood due to their illness, holiday season and inclement weather during this time of the year.

Students collecting 25 pints or more is entered into the scholarship pool. There are four chances to win $1,000, one chance for a $1,500 scholarship and one chance for the grand prize of $2,500. Depending on how much blood students can collect will determine their chances of winning the larger awards.

Go to Red Cross Blood Scholarships, or call (800) RED CROSS (800-733-2767).

Start to take advantage of the above scholarships and grants!

Don’t be intimidated in applying for them either, because these awards could be targeting students just like you; and you will never know if you qualify, IF you don’t apply.

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