Scholarships Grants with a November Deadline

Scholarships Grants with a November Deadline

Scholarships Grants with a November Deadline

Below are a few scholarships and grants with a November deadline for students looking to financial aid to help pay some of their college tuition. Hopefully there will be one where you feel you would be a good candidate for. There is many different types of awards for many types of students too.

Some are very powerful programs which have very good payouts.

College Moving Scholarship

This has a November 15th deadline and a chance to win $800 for incoming freshmen, transfer or current students who are moving out-of-state to attend college.

You must answer the following questions using no more than 250 words for each:

What makes your school worthy of moving out-of-state for?
What will be your biggest challenge relocating to your college you will be attending? You can apply online.

Imove is a company which works with getting people three quotes to move to their destinations from their various partnerships they have established around the country. This simplifies the moving process for all looking to move and relocate.

Bill Kane Undergraduate Scholarship

This is a $1,000 scholarship grant to any health education major who has sophomore, junior, or senior status full-time at the time of his/her application. A 400-450 word essay is to be written explaining how the student will impact the health education field now, and in the future by bringing their personal traits into the essay. November 15th deadline.

This award is sponsored by SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators) who is devoted to making sure all children have a chance to a healthy & physically active lifestyle by promoting research related to health & physical education, or any physical activity such as dance and sports.

American Indian Services Scholarship

This Nov. 15th scholarship deadline is for those applicants who are one-quarter (1/4) Northern-Native American Indian; enrolled in a university, junior college, or technical school can apply by submitting a full-page letter talking about what tribe you’re from, the school you presently are attending, and your field of study. You must also list your educational aspirations for the future and why you really need this scholarship from the AIS. A whopping 2300 scholarships grants are awarded each year.

Started in 1958, and a non-profit; AIS is an organization which assist Native Americans to become all they can be to their full potential through educational opportunities.

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation Advancement of Women in Sports & Entertainment Scholarship

Sponsored by The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation, this $1,000 scholarship grant award is for female undergraduates in the field of study of PR – (Public Relations), Marketing, Journalism, Communication or Media Studies and who want to make an impact in their careers. This industry needs more women participants and this Foundation helps increase this shortfall.

US resident females, enrolled full-time at a university who has a 2.75 GPA looking to study in the sports entertainment industry demonstrating financial need can apply.

Floyd Mayweather Jr is regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time created a Foundation in his name to give back to the community.

TicketCity Scholarship Program

Sponsored by TicketCity, Inc. this scholarship grant is for $3,000 and has a Nov. 11th deadline. Must be a full-time freshmen, sophomores, or juniors attending an 4-year university in the US. Students who apply, must write a 500-800 word essay on what you love about your college sporting events. experience. A few questions will be listed on their TicketCity website to help students in describing their essays about the required subject matter. One such question is: “Describe why sporting events are important to the culture of a university”.

TicketCity has been a leading destination for sports tickets for more than two decades, helping thousands of fans each month easily find and buy tickets for all the major sporting events throughout the country in a professional manner. Education Scholarship

With a November 8th deadline, Save On Energy, LLC offers a $1,000 scholarship grant by submitting a 400-600 word essay answering the question: Which is more environmentally responsible, digital or print textbooks?

These scholarships & grants are open to all college students who are enrolled on a full-time basis at a JC or 4-year university.

Started in 2003, SaveOnEnergy provides residential as well as commercial customers an alternative plan for natural gas & electricity. They want to help their customers find the best energy plan at a good price.

Apply now to any of the above scholarships and grants that seem like a good fit to win!


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