Segal AmeriCorps Education Award Program

AmeriCorps Education Award

AmeriCorps Education Award

The AmeriCorps Education Award also known as the “Segal AmeriCorps Education Award” program is provided to the organization’s members to fund their higher education at qualified institutions and to pay existing student loans. The AmeriCorps scholarship award serves as a medium for the organization to recognize its members (full-time or part-time) for the activities they perform.


AMERICORPS came into existence in 1993 as a network of institutes providing national & community services in the field of education, housing, environment, technology health & public safety and many more. It is incorporated of two national services namely VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) and the NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps). Various types of programs with variable time lengths allow its members to serve the community full-time or part-time. Since 1994 Americorps members have earned more than $1 billion through this AmeriCorps scholarship award.

The main aim for providing the AmeriCorps Education Award is to ensure that its members utilize this opportunity to fund the educational expenses from the qualified college or graduate school or to repay the expenditure incurred for academic activities (only qualified loans). Details of the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award Program are below:
• Any member completing a successful term of service in any of the below mentioned AMERICORPS program is eligible for:
o AmeriCorps*State and National
o AmeriCorps*VISTA
o AmeriCorps*NCCC

• The member has to apply for/select the award at the start of the service
• Any full-time member (at least 1,700 hrs of service over one year or less) is eligible to receive an amount of $4,725
• Any part-time member (at least 900 hrs of service over two year or less) is eligible to receive an amount of $2,362.50
• For reduced half time (675 hours) eligibility limit would be $ 1,800
• Quarter time tenure with 450 hours would ensure an award for $ 1,200
• For short-term or summer programs an award of $1,000 or less
• Pro-rata basis on the tenure served if 15% of the term or more is completed
• One candidate can get this award for a maximum of two times only
• The member has to have at least high-school diploma or equivalent to utilize this award
• Award amount must be used within seven years upon completion of the service
• The amount can be used in portions according to the candidates choice but can be used only for qualified colleges and qualified loan payments
• The members have online facility to view the award amount and the balance unused
• In case of the member serving the organization again with balance award amount, interest accrued is paid by the organization as well.


AmeriCorps Corporation for National & Community service organizational pledge starts with the statement “I will get things done for America” and ends in “I will get things done”. This clearly states that the commitment towards the society is successfully achieved and the members do get personal milestones to achieve through education using the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award program.


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