Lots of Iowa State University Scholarships

iowa state university scholarships

Iowa State University Scholarships

Iowa State University scholarships grants offer prospective students the opportunity to obtain financial assistance to help with the cost of attending what has become known as one of the most prestigious institutions in the country.

Each year more than 28,000 students attend Iowa State and have the opportunity to select from more than 100 available majors. There are also more than 800 student organizations present on campus. The university prides itself on offering a welcoming environment where students are able to reach their true potential while discovering their passions. The diverse student body at Iowa State includes students from every state in the country as well as more than 110 different countries.

Iowa State has also been listed by U.S. News & World Report as one of the “Programs to Look For” for the 9th straight year. The school also has numerous other advantages to offer prospective students and has a long history of innovation. In fact, the first electronic computer was invented in the late 1930s on the Iowa State campus. George Washington Carver began his world-renowned career at Iowa State during his attendance there.

There are several Iowa State University scholarships available, including the ACACIA Leadership Scholarship. This ISU scholarship was established to reward and recognize outstanding high school seniors who demonstrate an ability to excel in extracurricular activities, academics and community service. The scholarship is awarded by the non-profit organization, Corporate Board of The ACACIANS. Financial need is not a determining factor. Up to ten scholarships are awarded and are worth up to $1,000 each.

The Academic Recognition Award is given to Iowa students who rank in the top 15% of their graduating classes as well as out-of-state students who rank in the top 25% of their classes. This is an automatic scholarship award. All incoming students who meet the criteria will receive the scholarship. Award amounts vary between $500 and $4,500. The scholarship is renewable for a total of four years as long as the student remains enrolled and has a GPA of 2.0. Students must be offered admission to Iowa State by March 1st to be considered for the scholarship.

There are also several academic scholarships for high school seniors offered at Iowa State. 100 full-time tuition ISU scholarships will be awarded to incoming minority freshmen students as part of the George Washington Carver Tuition scholarship program. Students must enter Iowa State directly from high school and must be in the top 25% of their class or have a 3.5 GPA and a composite ACT score of 24 or a SAT score of 1100. Scholarships in this program are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis among students applying for undergraduate admission to the school. This scholarship is renewable for an additional three years. Further eligibility requirements include filing a FAFSA.

The Fund Incoming Freshmen scholarship is automatically offered to incoming freshmen students at Iowa State who select Genetics as a major. Transfer students are not eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship has a value of $1,000 to $4,000. The scholarship may be renewed for up to a total of four years. Recipients are selected on GPA, class rank and SAT/ACT scores.

The Christina Hixson Opportunity Award has a value of $10,000 and is issued over for years at $2,500 per year. 100 high school seniors from across the state of Iowa will receive the award. The ideal goal is for each recipient to represent a county in Iowa.

The Herbert Hoover Uncommon Award for High School Juniors scholarship is presented to juniors in a high school in Iowa or home school program. The scholarship program is sponsored by the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association in West Branch. Recipients are selected to participate in the program and will receive $750 awards. There are also three $5,000 scholarships that are awarded annually.

With the number of Iowa State University scholarships  available, prospective students who are considering attending this school will find they have ample financial resources available to them to assist in their goal of completing a higher education with their many scholarships and grants.

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