Hospice Scholarships for Healthcare

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Hospice Scholarships for Healthcare

The United Hospice Foundation Scholarships Program was specifically created for the purposes of helping to defray the cost of nursing school for residents of Georgia and nearby states who intend to work in long-term care or hospice. Students with goals of attending pharmacy school and later helping those in long-term care or hospice also qualify for the UHF scholarship.

The program also provides financial assistance to students attending rehab school for the purposes of entering occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physical therapy. Scholarship recipients receive assistance with the cost of books and tuition. In addition to residents of Georgia, legal residents of North Carolina, Florida and South Carolina also qualify for the rehab scholarships.

Applicants must demonstrate financial need to qualify for the nursing scholarships. One of the approved courses must be completed through Pruitt University. Each disability related scholarship has a value of $1,000. One-half of the scholarship payment will be made for the fall semester and one-half will be made for the spring semester. The United Hospice scholarships are renewable upon application.

The UHF was originally founded in 1998 through the generosity of patients, families, and corporate donors. United Hospice, Inc. is the largest hospice provider in the state of Georgia. The foundation is located in Norcross, Georgia and has a mission of promoting quality healthcare by providing scholarship opportunities for pharmacy, rehab, and nursing students.

The Foundation also works toward promoting Christian spirituality for individuals residing or working in a healthcare setting. Offering the disability scholarships are one way of providing this type of support for future professionals in the long-term or hospice care setting.

UHF places a specific focus on helping families on promoting proper planning for the end of life from both a spiritual and practical basis while also assisting with bereavement care for individuals who have suffered a loss. Studies have shown that families that discuss options for health care while they are still healthy have a greater chance of receiving the treatment and care they desire when they do reach the end of life.

This is precisely why United Hospice Foundation specializes in raising public awareness and understanding of Advance Directories and the hospice philosophy. The Foundation is also focusing on providing individuals with the tools and information they need to make their own informed decisions about the choices that are right for them at the end of life.

Following the death of a loved one or family member, the Foundation also offers support and comfort for families through Support Groups, Peer Counseling, and other special programs. Those individuals who tap into the resource offered by the Foundation are able to make the death experience a celebration of life rather than a painful, fearful process.

The Neil L. Pruitt, Sr., Dorothy Shull, Coy Williamson, and Robin W. Bryson UHF scholarships are just one way the Foundation hopes to increase awareness of the need for hospice and long-term care solutions. All UHF disability related scholarship applications must be received by no later than June 30th to be considered.

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