CIA Scholarship for Undergraduates

CIA Scholarship

CIA Scholarship

The Undergraduate CIA Scholarship Program provided by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is one of the most interesting scholarship programs in the USA as it provides the dual opportunity of financial assistance (up to $18K annually) for a college program and a chance to embark a career of your choice with the CIA that includes additional monetary benefits as well. This CIA scholarship program, available for US citizens, allows the applicant to complete their college while working on CIA assignments during summer breaks.

The CIA is an independent agency responsible for providing intelligence on a wide range of national security issues to senior US policymakers. It was formally established in 1947 for coordinating USA’s intelligence activities and correlating, evaluating and disseminating intelligence affecting national security. For more than six decades the agency has been providing unmatched information and support – including intelligence information on crisis situations. To provide live work atmosphere to college graduates the CIA introduced the CIA Scholarships. The organization has distributed more than $ 9 million till date through CIA college scholarships to various individuals.

The CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program is open for any US citizen above 18 years enrolled as a high school senior or college sophomore who is planning to enroll or already enrolled in a 4-5 year college program. A major criterion for this program is that the applicant should be willing to work during the summer breaks in the Washington DC with the CIA and should ensure consistent academic performance throughout graduation. The tasks assigned are very much related to the college major program. For Example – Information Technology (IT) student would be provided related projects and so on. During the application process, the career path has to be decided and four available (4) positions can be chosen. Various career streams are available for the applicants to choose from. As per the past scholarship beneficiaries can attest, the knowledge gained is unrivalled.

The CIA scholarship application process has to be done online and the entire set of instructions is available there. The online applications need to be done between Aug 01 and Oct 15 only. Various verification checks including background and drug test are a part of the selection process. Once selected the applicant would receive an annual salary, various other benefits & allowances and above all a CIA scholarship amount up to $18 K per annum. After completion of the academics the applicant can continue the employment as well. As per various surveys the starting salary for graduates at the CIA ranges $ 35K to $ 50K per annum with various additional benefits including health insurance, retirement benefits etc. Not bad at all!

The CIA believes in “Contribute to the work of the nation before you graduate” and hence the CIA  Scholarship Program. Working with a prestigious organization like the CIA and getting to work on live assignments provides tremendous exposure and experience at the very early age for the applicants. The intelligence scholarship for undergraduates not only provides your financial assistance for college, but also ensures a long-term career in the intelligence field of the CIA, and is one of the top most government agencies to work for. It may not be for everyone, but some students will love it.

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