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If you are a graduate student, and pursuing a Master’s degree in library and information studies, you will want to apply for the American Library Association ALA Scholarship Program. Each year, there is approximately $300,000 available for the ALA scholarships that will be given to these graduate students.

The first thing that you need to know about the ALA library scholarship program, however is that it is only available to you if you meet all other requirements, and you are enrolled in an ALA-accredited master’s program. These programs are available at 57 Universities located in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Typically, you will be eligible for the library scholarship if you are enrolled at an approved school working towards a Master of Library Science Degree, a Master of Arts Degree, a Master of Science Degree, a Master of Library and Information Studies Degree, or of course a Master of Librarianship Degree.

You can apply for the American Library Association ALA Scholarship Program at any time between October and March, and the deadline is March 1st. The application is submitted online, through the ALA website at The application must be completed in full, including the personal statement.

You must also include three references and your official transcript from the school where you received your bachelor’s degree. Obviously, your transcript will have to be mailed, but it is important to realize that the ALA requires the school to mail your transcript to them, and it must have an official seal, and be in a sealed envelope – from the school.

The American Library Association ALA Scholarship Program does not just have one library scholarship. The program consists of multiple librarian scholarships that include the Marshall Cavendish Scholarship, the David H. Clift Scholarship, the Tom & Roberta Drewes Scholarship, the Mary V. Gaver Scholarship, the Miriam L. Hornback, the Christopher Hoy/ERT Scholarship, the Tony B. Leisner Scholarship, the Peter Lyman Memorial Scholarship, the Association for Library Service to Children Scholarship, the Bound to Stay Bound Books Scholarship, the Frederic Melcher Scholarship, the ASCLA Scholarship, the LITA Scholarship, the Christian Larew Memorial Scholarship, the LSSI Minority Scholarship, the OCLC Minority Scholarship, the Office of Diversity Scholarship, the Spectrum Scholarship, the FAFLRT Scholarship, and the ASCLA Century Scholarship.

Because you may meet the eligibility requirements for more than one library scholarship that is a part of the American Library Association ALA Scholarship Program, the application that you fill out on the ALA website allows you to check the librarian scholarships that you want to apply for, and then to do so with the one application process, instead of multiple application processes. Each of the scholarships for library available through the ALA has different requirements for eligibility, with all having the same requirement concerning the Master’s degree program.

Finally, the American Library Association ALA Scholarship Program basis awards and award amounts on many different factors that include eligibility, leadership, academic excellence, and of course your display of being committed to a career in the field of librarianship. If you ever thought being a Librarian is boring and wasn’t for you… you may have to rethink that again!
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