The Hope Scholarship Georgia Program

HOPE Scholarship Georgia

HOPE Scholarship Georgia

The HOPE Scholarship Georgia Program aims to provide monetary aid to students across various undergraduate courses in the state of Georgia. These courses have to be authorized from the various Georgian colleges and universities and are available to students with excellent academic merit. The HOPE Scholarship Georgia Program ensures financial aid to the students to fund their educational needs to attend college for various degree programs.

These Georgia HOPE Scholarships are funded entirely by the Georgia Lottery for Education since 1993 and they have distributed more than $4.5 billion to nearly one million eligible students pursuing various courses at the qualified public and private colleges and public technical colleges. HOPE stands for ‘Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally’.

There are various criteria for the selection of the HOPE GA Scholarship. The basic criteria are below.
• Consistent Academic Merit
• Enrollment for degree course at an eligible public or private college or university or technical college in Georgia
• Legal resident of Georgia
• Compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990
• Meet the program’s U.S. citizenship or eligible non-citizen preconditions
• Good standing on all financial aid programs
• Be in compliance with Selective Service registration requirements.

The application procedure for the “HOPE Scholarships” depends on the college/university, and the applicant can apply online or using pre-printed application forms. The application can be done till the end (last day) of the classes or exams but it is recommended to be done at the earliest. The award amounts, type of institution (public or private), and the type of program enrollment are below.

Public Institutions
o Tuition fees for the number of hours enrolled (part-time of full-time)
o HOPE Approved mandatory fees
o Books allowance of upto $100 per quarter or $150 per semester
Private Institutions
o Full-time students – $1,750 per semester or $1,166 per quarter
o Part-time students – $875 per semester or $583 per quarter

The recipients of the Georgia HOPE Scholarships have to ensure that they maintain eligibility consistently to retain the HOPE Scholarship though-out the undergraduate program, which is normally a ‘B’ average.  Each year the applicants have to reapply for the Georgia HOPE Scholarship Program through the institution. For the requirements go to  HOPE Scholarship Georgia.


The state of Georgia believes in growth and economic development of the residents and the state as well. It understands that education and graduation are the first steps to ensure a much better future and hence the Hope Scholarship Georgia Program. This program ensures that the foundation is strong enough to dream for a future full of HOPE.

Hope GA Scholarship Contact Information
1-800-505-GSFC (4732). E-mail: To apply go to Georgia HOPE Scholarship Application.

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  1. Morgan Booker

    I have a question. I already attend a school in Georgia, but i have been a resident of Louisiana. My family and I are planning on moving to Georgia before school starts back. Am I eligible for Hope? Thanks.

  2. Morgan,
    Use the information below to choose which method you want to use to get a direct answer. I would email first.
    Hope GA Scholarship Contact Information
    1-800-505-GSFC (4732). E-mail: To apply go to Georgia HOPE Scholarship Application.

  3. My daughter qualified for the Zell miller scholarship but wants to major in something that a college in Georgia does not offer. She is having to attend a college out of state. Is there anyway she can use the scholarship at the college she is attending?

  4. Elizabeth,

    only way is to ask them via contact them directly (email or phone) and present your question to them. They may make an exception if they don’t.

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