Scholarships Grants from Facebook?

Scholarships Grants from Facebook

Scholarships Grants from Facebook

Is Facebook Offering Scholarships and Grants for College?

Well, sort of you can say.

It’s the creator of Facebook, who is worth more than just about anyone in this world is donating 5 MILLION ON A SCHOLARSHIP FUND to scholarships,to be used on students who are undocumented in the Bay area. Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan are both in support of this donation.

TheDream.US, which was founded by former Washington Post publisher and Facebook board member Donald Graham is receiving this large donation and (400) hundred scholarships will be funded through this donation strictly for Bay area students.

BUT; TheDream.US provides OTHER college scholarships to highly motivated DREAMERS who want to get a college education but cannot afford it.

ANY STUDENT CAN APPLY IF THEY MEET THE CRITERIA at – even though you do not live in the Bay area. 

*The name Dreamers are students whose parents brought them into the country illegally when they were children.

2.5 Million for Scholarships & Grants

Last year the Zuckerberg’s gave 2.5 million to the same fund. He has been a strong advocate of immigration reform, and has repetitively stated that “it’s the biggest civil rights issue of our time”.

His group has spent millions of dollars lobbying for immigration reform in Washington D.C. for many years. His strong support is based on the fact that America was founded by a nation of immigrants – which he is 100% correct.

His goal is to help immigrants attain their full potential and climb the ladder of opportunity. He feels that our country will stand to benefit from this help.

Certainly there are many people who feel that illegals should not be entitled to scholarship grant monies for college in the US, but we feel otherwise.

The reason is simple too. It’s based on the fact that educated people make educated decisions and act in an intelligent manner. The whole of society stands to benefit by educating illegals. If you hold people down who come from out of country than you have more crime.

It’s simply because they can’t make a living, so they turn to crime to do it.  The answer becomes to educate immigrants as quickly a possible by giving them the financial means to do it. They in turn will educate their children.

It’s a very smart way to go about having people coming into the USA – educate them fast and make it easy for them to attend higher education schools!

Yes; there may be short-term problems from it, like anything else you would try implanting at first, but if there is a better solution for illegals entering this country of the USA, I’m all ears on this issue.

Scholarships and grants for illegal immigrants entering into the US may be a piece of the puzzle, but not the best answer for immigration reform, and Facebook scholarships & grants are making it happen.

It’s nice to see people who become wealthy in the US economy give back to the people. Many times you do not see this, and this list is way long too. It’s amazing how many wealthy people do not have a scholarship fund.

Congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan on supporting college scholarships and grants!




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