FSEOG Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program

What is FSEOG?

FSEOG is short for for Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program.

What does FSEOG do?

FSEOG provides federal assistance through grants for college students who demonstrate the most financial need (need-based grants to low-income undergraduate students) who will be attending a higher education school (college). A higher preference is given to those students with “exceptional need” and those people with the very lowest (EFC’s) “expected family contributions” towards college tuition. If students are also receiving the Federal Pell Grant, they will be given an even higher priority to recieveing FSEOG.

Does FSEOG have guidelines to see if I might be eligible?

Yes, and they are:

  1. You must file a FAFSA
  2. You cannot be in a default status on any federal student loan
  3. You cannot presently have a bachelors degree
  4. You cannot have an overpayment on a Federal Pell Grant
  5. You have to be a United States Citizen or eligible non-citizen
  6. Never defaulted on a student loan.
  7. Presently do not owe on any repayment of grants; such as The Pell Grant.
  8. Minimum GPA 2.0 requirements.

What schools participate in providing FSEOG grants?

Students can receive these grants at any one of approximately 4,000 participating postsecondary institutions.

How much grant money does FSEOG provide?

FSEOG will provide up to $4,000 per year. The amount you will be awarded is based on a formula determined by the U.S. Department of Education, using a standard formula (which is a need based formula), established by Congress; and also at the discretion of the college you will be attending. “When” you apply also is a factor in how much you recieve. For a general guideline here are some award numbers: The amount of FSEOG aid will be $976,000,000.
The average award is $756 and the awards range between $100–$4,000. The number of new awards projected is 1,290,000. The federal government will provide the college student up to 75% of this money and the college in will provide the rest. These monies are not guaranteed by the federal government and may change each school year.

Where can I go to fill out a FSEOG application?

At the college you wish to attend & you fill out the FAFSA form. You can do this online too.


Anything else I should know about the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program?

You want to apply as soon as possible for an FSEOG Grant since participating FSEOG colleges can run out of college grant money for that school year. Each college who is involved with the FSEOG Grant program are funded only so much money from the government. Once all their FSEOG Grant money is awarded for that school year, it’s gone. College students who acquired a Pell Grant are more likely to also receive a FSEOG Grant. So apply for both of them at the same time and; apply as fast as you possibly can!!!

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