Charter One Bank Scholarships Grants

charter one bank scholarships

Charter One Bank Scholarships

You definitely want to see if you can get your hands on a portion of the Charter One bank scholarships grants, named the TruFit Good Citizens. They offer 40 bank scholarships annually that total $50,000. It breaks down to 1 scholarship for $5,000, 4 scholarships for $2,500, and 35 scholarships of $1,000 each. The name of this Charter One scholarship fund is the TruFit Good Citizens Scholarship and it is fairly new, with the first applications being accepted in 2011.

Who gets the Money for the TruFit Good Citizens Scholarship?

What is very intriguing about the Charter One Bank Scholarship funding is that all the winners are those that have taken part in volunteer efforts in their community. The success and the impact of the volunteer project or project is what is evaluated. The funds can be applied for by high school seniors or those that are already enrolled in an accredited four-year college program. This can be as an undergraduate or as a graduate student.

How to Apply for the TruFit Good Citizens Scholarship?

In order to apply for the Charter One Bank Scholarship, students need to submit a 250 word essay. If it is longer than that, it won’t be evaluated so paying close attention to the length is vital. The other option is to record a video, but it can’t exceed 60 seconds or it will get disqualified.

With either option, the applicant needs to successfully explain the responsibility and the leadership that they learned through their role in the community service experience. The deadline for applying the Charter One bank scholarships varies each year, but it is posted on their website. Students are also encouraged to follow them on Facebook so that they can get updates and not miss important information regarding these funds.

Other Charter One Bank Benefits for Students

Given the fact that Charter One is a Bank, they do have plenty of overall value to provide to students. This is a great resource for any age of student that would like to execute some financial independence. This can be in the form of loans, checking account, savings account, and more. If you have any such needs they will be happy to assist you with getting them taken care of.

TruFit Student Loan

If you are struggling to come up with enough money to pay for school, let these resources help. The TruFit Student Loan is a private loan for your education that comes with competitive rates of interest. You get the option of either a fixed or variable interest rate. There aren’t any hidden fees that you incur for processing and you can choose from a variety of flexible repayment options.

You can reduce your interest rate by .50% too just by having it set up to be automatically taken out of a checking or savings account you have set up with Charter One Bank. The amounts offered are very generous so it could help to fulfill that gap between what you have to contribute, what you have with scholarships, and what you still need to pay in order to complete your educational goals.

Student Money Bundle

Another option to look at is the Student Money Bundle. This combines a variety of benefits including cash back, discounts, online banking access, mobile alerts, access to transfer funds from one account to another, and other benefits to manage your accounts.

This perk also offers discounts of up to $500 per year for electronics, food, entertainment, and books. Should you lose or damage electronics such as your mobile phone or laptop, there is coverage for them. The use of money management tips and resources makes being responsible and setting a budget very easy.
See if you can get your hands on some of the money via the TruFit Good Citizens Scholarship offered through the Charter One Bank Scholarships fund. Don’t forget to also check out some of the great banking offers that they extend to students as well. This could prove to be the one bank you can’t afford to be in college without!

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