How to Find Odd Weird Scholarships for Unusual Students

How to Find Weird Scholarships that are Unusual

Finding Weird Scholarships

Some odd and weird scholarships are offered to students for their unusual characteristics and talents and you can find them yourself too. Some have everything to do with their genetics but others are for an unusual talent of some kind. If you ever thought that you are unique, you can always try to get one of these odd scholarships that are available nowadays anywhere in the world.

In order to avail these strange college scholarships, you need to do some research and see what companies and organizations provide them. Search for something new and unique about your physique as sometimes you can get an unusual college scholarship for being tall, short, fat etc given away by some health food organizations. Many large companies do provide these unique scholarships in order to increase their business. Search their websites and find the weird scholarship that best suits you along with something unique you have or do which is rare even if it is somewhat corny. If you do – search for it. For example if you’re good at pit spitting – search for ‘pit spitting scholarships’. You get the idea. This is simple to do but 99% of students will not use this technique, but it works to find the odd, strange, unusual and weird scholarships today that will help pay your tuition.

Keep an open mind and not always apply for those high-profile scholarships that are most popular unless you’re a genius. Unfortunately, not all of us are, but this shouldn’t make us stop learning. For the rest of us there are many odd scholarships that have weird topics or strange requirements. Keep an open mind; take a look at some of them and you might have something catch your eye. Start thinking outside the box a little, after all this is exactly how a genius thinks when they discover something no one else has. I think your starting to get the idea and here’s a little help. Some of the most popular reasons for which unique odd scholarships are given away and search terms to use when looking for them are the following:

  • If you are twins or triplets going to the same college, you could get these types of scholarships for twins.
  • Students who do not participate in the athletic competitions, but that find appealing a food contest
  • Scholarships for short people and tall people.
  • If you can turn wool into a winter sweater, then you could win a unique scholarship based on the style, design, presentations and creativity.
  • Take a picture of yourself while having a milk moustache. Apart from this photo, write an essay on how healthy your body became by drinking the milk. It’s definitely a positive theme, but this is one of those strange scholarships you can get.
  • Predict the future on the share market and get a nice unusual scholarship to go with it.
  • Last name scholarships
  • First generation scholarships
  • Oldest born scholarships
  • Bug or insect scholarships
  • Milk scholarships
  • vegetarian scholarships
  • Duck calling scholarships
  • Where can I apply for left hand scholarships
  • Scholarships for blue eyes, brown eyes, etc…

In conclusion, there are many weird scholarships that make things a lot more interesting in the world of education. Not everything that concerns learning must be serious (and I’m not talking about the college dorm life). Until you get to the part of having fun, you must do everything in your power to make your life easier by getting an odd scholarship. Think about what makes you stand out and what separates you from the rest of the crowd. After you’ve found it, try searching more about that unique thing about you and see if you can use it to your advantage. Try your best to make some educational money from that strange and unique feature you have in you!

Weird college scholarships the wacky strange way to do it! Imagine anything unusually strange, odd or wacky and you could possibly get a college scholarship existing for that category.


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  2. How can i apply for these scholarships???

  3. Sarai,

    you must go directly to the scholarships sponsors website to apply to most of them. We normally put a link in the article so you can easily go to it, but if there is no link then you must search it yourself to find the website to apply. If there is no link in the article it’s because the scholarship sponsor changes it frequently and then we stop putting in their link anymore because of this. Some change it yearly.

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