University of Toronto Scholarships are Many

university of toronto scholarships

University of Toronto Scholarships

Numerous University of Toronto scholarships are available to assist students with there goal of completing a college degree. Approximately 150 admission or entrance scholarshipsare available. Students are automatically considered for admission scholarships when they apply to the university. There is no separate scholarship application required. Most such entrance scholarships are based on academic excellence, although there are some admission scholarships that take financial need into consideration.

There are also approximately 400 University of Toronto scholarships that are termed at in-course scholarships. Most in-course scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement. An application is also typically not required for these automatic scholarships.

In addition, the school offers a number of awards and bursaries that are based on financial need. There are also a small number of graduating year awards and fellowships awarded annually to students who will be pursuing graduate studies at the University of Toronto. The deadline to apply for these awards and fellowships is May 1st of the student’s graduating year. The college also offers a few travel awards to assist students in their goal of traveling elsewhere to enhance their studies. Approximately 100 additional awards are available for academic performance in courses and specific programs.

Each year, the University of Toronto awards approximately 1,900 scholarships that total $2,500,000. Of these scholarships, 350 are admission scholarships that are given to students that enter any college or faculty their. The remaining scholarships are awarded by particular faculties or colleges of the university.

There are several University of Toronto scholarships that are awarded annually and are renewable. These scholarships are awarded at admission. One such scholarship is the Howard Ferguson Provincial Scholarship, which was made in honor of Howard Ferguson by his wife, Ella Ferguson. The Honorable Howard Ferguson was the Premier of the Province of Ontario from 1923 to 1930. This scholarship recognizes outstanding Ontario students who apply from outside the Greater Toronto area. The value of the scholarship is $3,000 and can be renewed for up to three times.

The George Roderick Fraser Scholarships for Mathematical Studies was made at the request of Verna Peal Fraser in memory of her husband, George Roderick Fraser. The scholarship is specifically for students with plans to pursue mathematical studies and who are from schools outside the Greater Toronto Area. The scholarship is worth $3,000 and can be renewed three times.

The Florence Louisa Cody Memorial Scholarships is given in honor of the late Canon H.J. Cody and Florence Louisa Cody. The scholarship has a value of $2,500 over a period of four years and is for students from schools outside the Greater Toronto area.

The Arthur Cohen Memorial Scholarship is given in honor of the late Arthur Cohen and has a value of $2,500 over a period of four years and is for students with a general proficiency, including English and French.

The Sir John Gibson Scholarship is given in honor of the late Sir John Gibson and has a value of $2,400 over a period of four years. James Harris Scholarships have a value of $800 each for a total possible value of $2,800 over four years.

The University of Toronto Scholars Program offers recognition to outstanding students of the university at the time of admission as well as on an ongoing basis. Approximately 350 awards valued at $5,000 each are awarded. Outstanding students will be automatically considered for these University of Toronto scholarships when they apply to the school.

The President’s Entrance scholarship program offers an award of at least $2,000 for applicants who meet certain criteria and enroll in their first year at the University of Toronto during the fall semester. No separate application is required. Applicants will be automatically considered for this scholarship. To be eligible for the President’s Entrance scholarship program, applicants must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, must be studying at a secondary school or Year 1 of the CEGEP in Canada, must have completed each of the courses required for admission, which also includes all prerequisites with an A standing and must have an admission average of at least 92%.


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