Starbucks Scholarship by the Coffee Company


Starbucks Scholarship

Many students would be happy to know that there is a Starbucks scholarship by the coffee Company since many will only drink coffee their and no other place. Many private organizations often set up foundations to help fund their charitable programs. It is not at all uncommon for these foundations to offer scholarships or grants for youth preparing to or already are enrolled in college programs. Starbucks Scholarships largely revolve around this very theme – their charitable foundation was established to help propel youth oriented projects from scholarship programs to fellowships to entrepreneur training workshops. Entirely as a result of Starbucks scholarship initiatives, new programs have developed to give those students looking for additional financial aid yet another opportunity for assistance.

Students who are interested in applying for any of the college Starbucks scholarships should be driven by ideals, interested in achieving strong academic marks and brimming with ideas for the future. While these concepts sound vague in many ways, the ins and outs of various Starbucks scholarship programs revolve around them, drawing in many students with wide eyed optimism about their future. Most of the programs are offered on the ground through local groups, but because the groups the Starbucks Foundation awards grants to are wide and diverse, their coffee company scholarships are available around the world.

Because of the Starbucks Foundation’s interest in youth action, many of the programs to whom they give financial assistance to are focused on younger students preparing to head off to college. Some of these programs, though, like the Starbucks Scholars Program at Lexington College, are built around established institutions currently developing those already enrolled courses. The Starbucks Scholarship offered through Lexington College is built around a hospitality management program for women. While focused on hospitality management, the program offers learning regarding the culinary arts, events planning, and general management of facilities like restaurants or hotels.

Those students who receive a Starbucks Scholars award can expect up to $10,000 annually for a four year degree. It is available specifically for women entering Lexington College and should be applied to directly through their financial aid system. Anybody who is applying for this Starbucks coffee scholarship should be prepared to get a letter of recommendation from a supervisor who can comment on the qualities that would make the student a good Starbucks Scholar. Not limited to only full time students, part time students may also apply but, should they win an award, should expect a decreased, pro-rated amount.

During the application process students will need to complete a short written portion in which they are asked to reflect on their work history and why exactly they are interested in hospitality management. All application material should be submitted as early as possible, but always before enrollment at Lexington College closes.

If a student is the child of or currently an employee of Starbucks, they may find themselves eligible for a Starbucks scholarship program if they would like to attend the University of Washington. Because this Starbucks scholarship is not open to the general public and guidelines regarding applications are fairly lacking, it would be wise to consult the human resources department for more information on general eligibility. What we do know is that it provides up to $25,000 to awarded students to attend Washington University, and can cover all school related expenses such as tuition and books. Established in 2005, Starbucks has promised the program will continue for at least 10 years meaning that if you are reading this in 2011 you still have time to apply. Up to two awards will be given each year which means that competition for this 2011 Starbucks scholarship will be high, but with great academic marks and a strong presence in the community, students will dramatically increase their chances of getting an award.

It is important to remember that the Starbucks Foundation is not a scholarship giving organization. Students that are interested in seeking financial aid through a Starbucks scholarship should first check in their local community to see if there are any groups which have picked up Starbucks youth oriented grants. If no such local programs exist, it may be wise for students to consult with their university’s financial aid department and begin the process of applying to the youth grant programs offered by the foundation.

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  1. Mateus Maia De jesus

    I hope to see many thanks to starbucks coffee now, because I learning in the price coffee now be up.Good luck and happy whit starbucks program to give premiun support for ower education and training.
    This time I wanto applay for Doctor Graduite in coffee program, specially organic developping in coffee plant, But I dont now if have oppourtunity to entry this program.
    I,am specially in the program organic certification program at Timor Leste, and now study for masters degree in Brawijaya University of Indonesia.

    Thank you, and beast regarde.

  2. What is the coffee program cause i’m graduating highschool in a couple of months and wonder well want to get more info on the starbucks scholarship my major is in culinary and bakery and later in life want to own a masters degree and have a resturant/cafe.

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