SPS Scholarships for Future Teachers

Scholarships for Future Teachers

SPS Scholarships

The SPS Scholarships for Future Teachers is awarded annually by the institute/society called “SPS” (the Society of Physics Students) to the SPS member who is participating in the institute’s teacher education program and has a quest for long term career in physics education. The main aim of the society’s sponsorship for the SPS FUTURE TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP is to promote learning of physics and provide support to individuals with such goals.
The Society of Physics Students (SPS) was founded in 1968 as a professional organization designed for students especially physics students. It was a combination of two “parent” associations namely AIP’s (American Institute of Physics) student sections and Sigma Pi Sigma honor society. Currently with 5000 students actively participating in chapter activities the SPS is the fourth largest physics society in the USA.
The society was founded with the main purpose to help students & undergraduates transform themselves into exemplified members of the professional population. During the normal course of studies various skills and characteristics need to be developed including better communication, improved behavioral skills, leadership qualities and many more. The SPS presents opportunities for enhancing these skills to the various members – locally, regionally, nationally & internationally through its various scholarships & awards including SPS Scholarships for Future Teachers.
The SPS FUTURE TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP consists of a top award of $2000 which is intended for physics majors in the latter stages of their undergraduate careers. Only the members of the society are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The applicant must be full-time undergraduate and can apply any time during his/her junior or senior year. However for two-year college applicant he/she should apply after completing one semester of physics. Also the member should have participated in the society’s teacher education program.
To choose the recipients the SPS Scholarship committee considers three major criteria equally
1. Outstanding and consistent performance in physics as well as overall studies.
2. Capability, demonstration & intention for continuous academic development of physics.
3. Active participation in SPS programs.
The application forms are available online or can be obtained from SPS Chapter Advisors and need to be mailed to the SPS office at SPS Scholarships Committee, Society of Physics Students, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740. The applications have to be submitted by 15 Feb each year and the announcement of the award recipients is made by the society by April each year.
The application form needs to be fully completed with the entire details about career objectives & participation in SPS activities. Additional sheets (size 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets) can be added with the application form if required. Each sheet should contain the applicant’s name at the top.
An official, certified, current transcript must be sent directly to the SPS Scholarship Committee by the applicant’s college or university.
Letters of recommendation from at least two full-time members of the faculty are must with the application. These faculty members must be aware about the basis of selection of the recipient. They should comment in light of each of the three criteria. These letters are to be forwarded directly to the SPS Scholarship for future teachers Committee by their authors. The application is not complete until these letters are received by the SPS Scholarship Committee.
Application form consists of checklist for tracking the dates of the application, transcripts and recommendation letters.

The SPS receives support from the American Institute of Physics (AIP). A regular and budgeted source of revenue makes the SPS Scholarships for Future Teachers award possible. The awards are also possible through the generous contributions of Sigma Pi Sigma members and friends. In this way, the physics alumni, and especially Sigma Pi Sigma members, contribute to the generations of students who follow them.
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