Scholarships Grants with April Deadlines

april scholarships

April Scholarships

The following April scholarships grants are designed for students who are looking to apply for college or a university in the United States. It may be well worth the time in filling out scholarship applications in April because competition may be thin this time of the year. This is good for all applicants who ONLY apply to these scholarships with an April deadline.

The Davis Putter Scholarship

The Davis Putter Scholarship is set for students who actively participate in movements that are based on social as well as economic justice. All of the April scholarships provided by the Davis Putter Foundation are based on financial need, and are available for students who are looking to apply to attend a college or university; as well as those who actively participate in progressive movements. All applicants must have a history of participation in movements in the United States, and a very strong preference is given to students who are planning to work in the United States in the future. The deadline for all applications is April 1st, and the total grant that can be provided ranges from $1,000 to $10,000. If this sounds interesting to you – apply!

The AFSA High School Senior Scholarship Contest

The AFSA High School Senior Scholarship Contest is eligible only for applicants who are US citizens or legal residents. In order to be able to qualify for this April deadline scholarship, all students must enroll in a university, college or any trade school located within the United States with the term starting no later than the fall of 2013. In order to apply, all applicants have to read out an essay regarding fire sprinklers, and then take an online test about them. The AFSA scholarship is also available to home schooled students as long as their course of study is similar to that of a high school student. The deadline for application is the 3rd of April, and the average award that is given is around $2,000. So far, 10 individual awards have been granted.

The Google Science Fair

This April scholarship is available to students who are between the ages of 13 to 18 and reside anywhere in the world. Moreover, students who have been home schooled can also apply as long as they fall in the same age group. In order to apply, students must create a project for a science fair based on various different categories that are specified yearly. Three finalists will then be selected, and the prize winner will get a total award of $50,000 as well as a geographic expedition to the Galapagos Islands. The remaining two winners will be awarded around $25,000. The April deadline for this is the 1st. Entries can be submitted in a variety of languages, such as German, English, Hispanic, French, Arabic, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Hebrew, etc. This is one of the standout Google scholarships given every year and just participating in it is very rewarding in itself!

The John Lennon Scholarship

The John Lennon Scholarship is administered by the BMI Foundation, and is based after the famous singer/ songwriter Beatles – John Lennon. This music competition is primarily for composers as well as song writers who are currently studying in a college or university based within the United States. There are three different April scholarships which are awarded to the best original songs that will be submitted to the contest. The top prize is $10,000 while the runner ups will get $5,000. All April music applicants must have had their birthdays before April 13, 2012 and must submit a CD, or a MP3 song that is accompanied by original lyrics and a fully composed song. A properly filled out application should also be given along side this, which should be confirmed by a faculty member of any department within the college. All submissions should be post marked, or submitted before the 13th of April.

The Visine Students with Vision Scholarship

The Visine Students with Vision Scholarship is designed for students who have a clear vision or goal ahead of them, and are able to express their vision through a properly written essay or a video presentation. In order to be eligible for this April scholarship, all students must exhibit a need for finances, and must have a minimum of GPA of 2.8, and should also be able to demonstrate an involvement in school activities or community services. Total award is $5,000 and the deadline is 16th April.

All of the above scholarships with a April deadline are good bets to participate in, in and offer exposure – which is always a good thing!

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