Rotary Club Scholarships for Rotarian Members


Rotary Club Scholarships

Rotary club scholarships vary from branch to branch with the exception of the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship and Peace Center Program. The Rotary organization is an international one, but is also localized in large and small communities throughout the country. Rotary Club Scholarships are funded through member dues and community donations. Placing the Rotarian scholarship application process into the hands on individual branches increases the chances of reaching out to a diverse population of students interested in forming the future through humanitarian efforts. Rotary branches will offer scholarships as they are able and in the amounts they see fit. Therefore, you must contact your local Rotary branch to learn about the specific Rotary Club scholarships available to students in your community.

A Rotarian is a member of The Rotary Foundation. The Foundation and its members seek to better the world through peace and goodwill, so the not-for-profit corporation uses its resources to improve health, education, and living conditions of individuals throughout the world. To encourage young people to use their time and talents in similar fashion, Rotary offers hundreds of thousands of Rotary Club scholarship dollars annually to individuals embodying the spirit of a future Rotarian.

The Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship is the largest privately funded club scholarship program in the world. Students who are interested in bridging cultural gaps between countries by studying in a non-native country should absolutely apply for this Rotary Ambassadorial International scholarship. As indicated by the program’s name, students serve as young ambassadors to the country of placement for an academic school year and share information about their home country to other students and local Rotary clubs, as well as bring knowledge of that culture back home. Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship amounts will vary but typically range upwards of $20,000 for the year abroad. Ambassadorial Scholarships, like all Rotary scholarships, must be applied for at local Rotary branches. The application process is a long one, so interested students must prepare well in advance to be considered. Applications for the Rotary 2012-2013 school year must typically be received between January and August 2011, but deadlines vary by Rotary location. Before completing the application, students should research possible institutions of study and countries which interest them. Rotary tries to honor student wishes in this area, but students will need to be flexible if their interest in the program is serious. Inclusion in the program is certain to be life-altering and is a phenomenal continuation in the life of a true humanitarian.

Rotary also offers fellowships for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution to individuals interested in becoming a leader in the promotion of cooperation, peace and conflict resolution in all aspects of life. “Fellows can earn either a master’s degree in international relations, public administration, sustainable development, peace studies, conflict resolution, or a related field, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict resolution.” Because 3-5 years of work experience is required to be considered for a fellowship, recent recipients of an undergraduate degree are typically not suited for the opportunity. Also, students having participated in Rotary’s Ambassador Program must wait three years before applying for a fellowship. Deadlines for application vary by location, so check with your local branch.

Additional Rotary scholarships are available from local Rotary organizations, but vary dramatically in amounts and eligibility requirements. Many Rotary Club scholarships links, especially for smaller Rotary branches are not listed online. Some are. The best way to obtain information about scholarships funded by Rotary is to inquire directly at the local Rotary or with your guidance counselor/career center administrator. These Rotary scholarships are ones which will definitely be known to these individuals.

Earning a Rotary Scholarship of any kind is a badge of honor for any individual. Because of its international recognition, any employer or college administrator will be impressed to see this listed on a resume. Rotarians are the kind of people who change the world and think beyond themselves and the moment which is something innately useful in any field of study or employment.


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  4. I am a finalist of Bsc in permaculture and community development. I have been working and have 4 years of work experience in environmental management. I would like to study a MA or Msc in environment or international development/ policy. I would like to get a scholarship.

  5. chisomo,

    read more at agriculture scholarships. Many scholarship sponsors have MA and MSC scholarships too. You must contact them – via email.

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  7. Mohit,

    you must apply to scholarships to see if you qualify for them. Apply to as many as you can where your qualifications seem to match up well with the scholarship guidelines.

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