Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

Phi Theta Kappa scholarships

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

A wide range of college educational funding opportunities exist through Phi Theta Kappa scholarships, an international honors society. The goal of Phi Theta Kappa is to encourage and recognize two-year college students. In order to achieve this goal, the organization provides opportunities that allow for the development of service and leadership. Members of this organization have access to $37 million+ in scholarships. No other honor societies provide more benefits. These Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are available at more than 700 4-year colleges and universities. Scholarship awards are directly administered by the senior education institution.

Interested students apply for a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship by completing a common application. This makes it possible for applicants to complete a single application whether they wish to apply for just one scholarship or several frat scholarships at a time. Students should take note of the fact that the Spring Common Application period opens on February 1st. This application period closes on April 1st.

Hites Transfer Scholarship from Phi Theta Kappa

The Hites Transfer Scholarship awards as many as ten honor society scholarships of $7,500 each. In total, $75,000 is awarded through this scholarship program. The program strives to recognize outstanding achievements by members of Phi Theta Kappa. The first date to apply for this scholarship is October 1st. The deadline for the Hites scholarship is December 1st. Interested candidates should complete the Fall Common Application. All recipients must agree to transfer to a senior institution that is regionally accredited and which awards baccalaureate degrees.

Guistwhite Scholarship by Phi Theta Kappa

The Guistwhite Scholarship program awards up to twenty honor society scholarships of $5,000 each. In total, the program offers up to $100,000. The first date to apply for this scholarship is October 1st. All applications must be received by December 1st to be considered for this scholarship. Applicants interested in this scholarship should apply by completing the Fall Common Application.

All-USA Community College Academic Team Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

The All-USA Community College Academic Team allows for the selection of up to twenty students. Each selected student receives a medallion and $2,500 medallion. Total awards for the program include up to $50,000. Recipients will also receive national recognition through USA TODAY. The goal of this program is to recognize two-year college students who are considered to be outstanding. The first date to apply for this program is October 1st. All applications must be received by no later than December 1st. Students apply through the Fall Common Application.

Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship

The Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship provides for up to twenty student stipends of $2,500 each. This program is open to registered respiratory care, nursing and emergency medical services majors. The stipends awarded through this program are to be used for completing a degree while enrolled at a community college. The first date to apply for this scholarship award is February 1st. All applications must be received by no later than April 1st. The Spring Common Application should be used when applying for these scholarships.

Geico Business Student Scholarship

This Phi Theta Kappa scholarship program awards the two top-scoring business majors that have applied for the Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship. The scholarship is worth $1,000. The first date to apply is February 1st and the last date to apply is April 1st. Interested students should complete the Spring Common Application.

New Century Scholars Scholarship

These Phi Theta Kappa scholarships award a total of 52 stipends that are each worth $2,000. A total of $104,000 is awarded. Selection of scholarship recipients is based on scores through the All-USA Community College Academic Team Program. The goal of the program is to recognize students with top scores from each of the 50 states along with one student from a Phi Theta Kappa chapter in Canada and a student from a chapter located in one of the six sovereign nations in which there are chapters. The first date to apply for this Phi Theta Kappa scholarship program is October 1st and the deadline to apply is December 1st. Students should apply using the Fall Common Application along with the All-USA Community College Academic Team Program.


  1. I’m intertested in doing nursing and I have been trying to apply for other busaries I haven’t been approved by any of them so I would like to know if your schoolarships covers students who are doing nursing?I’m done with my first year I wanna continue with my second year.



  3. HILTON,

    apply to as many health related scholarships as you may be qualified for. You won’t know unless you apply.

  4. where do I get the application form for these??

  5. Helen,

    in the article you can click on the link just below the title:

    New Century Scholars Scholarship

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