NWSA Women Scholarships Grants and Prize Programs

NWSA women scholarships grants for college students

NWSA Women Scholarships

If you are a woman looking for women scholarships you may find that the National Women’s Studies Association Scholarships (NWSA) and their book award prizes can help to cover some of the costs of your education. The National Women’s Studies Association, or NWSA, was founded in 1977 in an effort to progress the efforts of professionals in the field of Women’s Studies. While the organization was founded primarily for women, the members serve to eliminate discrimination and oppression for any group of people or individual who is being subjected in any way to such discrimination or oppression.

NWSA Scholarships for Women

The NWSA offers three programs of women scholarships and one conference registration scholarship/Travel grant program. Let’s take a closer look at all of them below.

NWSA Graduate Scholarship of $1,000 – awarded to a student who is in the research or writing stages of their Master’s Thesis or Ph.D. dissertation in the interdisciplinary field of women’s studies. It must be about women and it must promote the NWSA mission statement.

Lesbian Caucus Scholarship of $500.00 – given to that student who best echoes the mission and objectives of the NWSA and the Lesbian Caucus.

NWSA Women of Color Caucus Awards – $500.00 for each category of graduate students only. Categories are: African Native American/American Indian/Alaskan Native descent – Latina descent – African descent – Asian/Asian-American/Pacific-Islander/ Arab/Middle East Asian descent

*May 1st is the deadlines for all of the above NWSA scholarships for women.

NWSA Conference Registration Scholarship and Travel Grant – 100 awards given only to graduate & doctoral students preferably with a demonstrated financial need and students who have not won this award previously and someone who exemplifies and supports the NWSA mission. June 1st is the application deadline.

NWSA Book Prizes

The NWSA has two book prize awards. The first is the National Women’s Studies Association Sara Whaley Book Prize. Each year, two $2000 awards are made, but the awards are based on books. Specifically, awards are made to the author’s of books that concern women and labor. To be eligible for this award, you must have a book that was published within the previous year.

Of the two awards, one is given to a senior scholar who must have two books in publication. The other is awarded to a junior scholar who is on the verge of publishing. This award is usually given to women of color within the United States, or women of color of International origins. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is in early May of each year.

The second book prize or women’s scholarship offered is the National Women’s Studies Association Gloria E. Anzaldua Book Prize. The guidelines are essentially the same for both awards, in that the selection is based on merit, and you must have a book based on women’s studies that is published. The award for the NWSA Gloria E. Anzaldua Book Prize is a $1000 and lifetime membership in the NWSA. The deadline for this program is also early May of each year.

When you apply, you must submit your application, along with five copies of your book. Despite the fact that you are sending copies of your book, you must also supply the selection committee with information that includes the title of your book, the ISBN number, the year the book was published, a single page CV, and a 50 to 100 word abstract of the book.

It is important to realize that these scholarships for women are not limited to women who are members of the LGBT community at all, but that they are possibilities for women who belong to that community, especially if they are African-American, or have an International Heritage. It is also important to understand that while these awards can be used to help pay for school, this is in no way required. These programs are ideal for graduate students who are working towards a career in women’s studies.

Contact Information

National Women’s Studies Association
7100 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 203, College Park MD 20740
phone – (301) 403-0407
email questions – nwsaoffice@nwsa.org
NWSA website

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