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Arab Scholarships

There are minority scholarships for Arabs which are very helpful to the Arab community and for many prospective minority Arab students, one of the biggest challenges they will face is how to pay for college. For years, institutionalized racism has left many Arab students working dead end jobs while their counterparts attend college and obtain jobs that pay better and are easier to work. Fortunately, there are now many specialized Arab scholarships available so Arab students can attend college and obtain the education that is necessary to excel in today’s’ modern economy. Many of these scholarships are based off of being an Arab student alone, while others have other requirements, such as having a high GPA or attending student clubs or extracurricular activities. Arab scholarships help many Arab students around the country each year attend college and start a successful and fulfilling life.


Arab scholarships, like other minority scholarships are awarded simply on the basis of race or religion, and are available only to students who claim Arab heritage and are quite easy to obtain. While some of these Arab scholarships are based off race and religion alone, some of the Arabic scholarships have other requirements attached to them, such as having a 3.0 GPA in high school or participating in extracurricular activities. There are many scholarships for Arab students available, but below you will find a partial list of scholarships available to prospective Arab students.

Ameen Rihani is a famous Arab scholar that wrote hundreds of books during his lifetime. The Arab student scholarship is based upon his namesake and is awarded to Arab students who devote a significant amount of their time studying the works of Ameen Rihani and reading his books. The scholarship is in the amount of fifteen hundred dollars and can be used to pay for college tuition and supplies.

This Arab scholarship is based simply upon being an Arab or coming from Arabic heritage. To apply for this Arabic scholarship, you must be graduating from High School, have a parent or guardian that is a member of the AAHC for one year, and be of Arab or Arab American heritage. The amount rewarded for this minority scholarship varies for everybody but is usually in the range of two to five thousand dollars.

Like the Arab American Heritage Council scholarship, this one is based purely off of having Arab heritage or being of Arab descent. These minority scholarships for Arab students are interest free and don’t have to repaid. They are available for the 2011/2012 school year and go towards paying tuition, student housing, food and supplies. Each Arabic scholarship ranges from one to five thousand dollars depending upon achievements and grade point average in high school.

The Arab Star is a Dallas based Arab newspaper with estimated readership of fifty thousand weekly. This scholarship is available to Arab students who are planning on majoring in Journalism or a similar field. Each Arabic scholarship is for the amount of three thousand dollars and can be used for tuition, room and board, and supplies and fees.

This special scholarship is available only to prospective Arab students who live in the following California counties: Imperial, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego or Ventura. The student must be graduating from high school and be planning on attending a university or vocational school in the following semester. In addition, the student must demonstrate leadership ability, have a good citizenship record, have high aspirations for the future, have above average academic success, have satisfactory recommendations and demonstrate financial need. This Arabic scholarship for minority students ranges from two to five thousand dollars depending on the financial need demonstrated.

EACA stands for Egyptian American Cultural Association. This organization is proud to announce they are offering a Arabic scholarship to prospective students for the second year in a row. This opportunity is available to one student is willing to help in Egypt during summer of 2011. EACA will pay for transportation and housing while in Egypt.



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