LULAC National Scholarship Fund (LNSF)

LNSF Scholarship Fund

LNSF Scholarship

If you are a Hispanic student getting ready to enroll or already enrolled in college consider the LULAC National Scholarship Fund to help pay some of your tuition. The LNSF was established in 1962 based on a local LULAC councils outreach program aimed at funding the hopes for higher education of disadvantaged and yet gifted minority students. The branch was in San Francisco and the results so astounding that the National branch of LULAC wrote a grant proposal aimed at securing funds to operate this program on a national level.

The grant application was successful and as soon as LULAC was notified the entity LNESC was founded to administer the awards. LNESC is a separate legal entity from LULAC and answers to its own board of directors.

The organization LULAC stands for League of Untied Latin American Citizens and was started over 80 years ago as groups of Mexican and Latin American suffering from discrimitory practices banded together to achieve some equality. LULAC has been a strong voice for Hispanics seeking educational and employment equality as well as encouraging equal civil participation by Latin American citizens. LULAC successfully brought suit against Orange County to integrate the Hispanic population into the school system in 1945. LULAC brought suit against the state of Texas on behalf of Mexican Americans protesting the fact that none had ever been called to jury duty within the state.

In their quest for a more equitable life for Hispanics in America LULAC became aware of the need for financial support for economically disadvantaged students hoping to attend college or university within the US. The small start made in San Francisco grew into a national movement which is still based in local Councils.

LULAC awards range from $250.00 to 2, 500.00 per year and a total of $750,000 awarded annually. These are based on scholastic achievement as well as the desire and sincerity of the individual student to achieve a degree. The greatest amounts are awarded to students who qualify with exceptional scholastic achievements. General awards however depend as much upon economic need and desire for an education as they do upon scholastic performance.

The LULAC Scholarship fund only awards minority Hispanic students who are legal US Citizens and who are currently enrolled or have applied to enroll in an accredited college or university within the United States. They must be working toward a degree; it can be an Associate, Bachelor or Post Secondary education degree.

Funds are disbursed from the LULAC National Scholarship Fund to the individual councils and are given to the recipients by July 15th if the award amount is under $500.00. When the LULAC scholarship award amount is greater than $500.00 the funds are disbursed in two equal payments on July 15th and January 15th and then given to the recipients. Allowable expenses are food, books, tuition, tutoring, room and board and other college related expenses. The deadline for the LULAC scholarship application was March 31st 2010. LULAC scholarship awards are made yearly and will be available for the 2011 year.

General Electric has also partnered with the LULAC National Educational Service Centers to provide scholarship monies for exceptional minority students so as to help in completing their college education. Business and engineering must be studied by minority students who are granted these GE/LULAC Scholarships. Sophomores’ right through seniors in college can apply and there will be two $5,000 GE LULAC scholarships awarded yearly.

You can get started to see if you’re eligible for the LULAC National Scholarship by going to the LULAC Scholarship application which is online. Once a LULAC scholarship is granted the monies will be given to the individual’s local LULAC council.


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