Horatio Alger National Scholarship

horatio alger scholarship

Horatio Alger National Scholarship

Two very good reasons to apply to the Horatio Alger National Scholarship program is there are lots of annual awards given out, and they are national scholarships. More yearly awards presented means a better chance to win. Unlike many of those scholarship programs who only give out one every year. National scholarship programs also tend to be less biased when deciding on the winners.

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. takes its name from well-known author Horatio Alger, Jr. Alger developed a reputation for penning tales of individuals who overcome adversity through basic moral principles and unyielding perseverance. Throughout the late 19th century, the public was captivated by his works. The Association was established in 1947 in an effort to dispel the widening belief among the youth of the time that it was no longer possible to attain the American Dream.

Today the Association is dedicated to the belief that through determination, honesty, and hard work it is possible to conquer all obstacles. In light of that commitment, the Association continues to work toward educating the country’s youth regarding personal and economic opportunities available to them through the American free enterprise system. One of the most important ways in which they do this is through the Association’s scholarship programs. The goal of these scholarships is to provide encouragement to students to pursue their own American Dreams. In addition to providing scholarships, the Association also mentors scholars and focuses on the importance of serving others. Members of the Association work directly with promising youth by providing education, confidence and support to help young people in realizing their dreams and goals.

A total of 104 Horatio Alger National scholarships will be awarded through the Association. These national scholarships are able to be funded through the generosity of Association members. Today, the Association is actually one of the largest college financial aid programs in the country.

Furthermore, the Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program is the only major scholarship program which specifically assists students in high school who have faced and then overcome significant obstacles during their lives. Although there are numerous financial aid programs which are primarily directed to recognizing leadership potential and academic achievement, this scholarship program also works to seek out students who have demonstrated a commitment to utilizing their college education to serving others.

The National Scholarship Program is awarded to students throughout the 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. National scholars chosen through the program will also receive an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. during the spring of their senior year, where they will participate in the National Scholars Conference.

To be eligible for the Horatio Alger National Scholarship, all applicants must be enrolled full-time as a senior in high school and must be making normal progress toward graduation. They must also have plans to enter college no later than the fall following their high school graduation.

In addition, all applicants must have a strong commitment to pursuing and completing a bachelor’s degree at an institution of higher learning that is accredited and is located in the United States. Applicants must also have a critical financial need. A critical financial need is defined as $50,000 or less adjusted gross income per family. Higher adjusted gross incomes may be allowed with proper explanation, i.e., large family, extenuating circumstances, etc. It is preferred that applicants be involved in community activities and co-curricular activities, while also demonstrating academic achievement with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Each Horatio Alger scholarship has a value of approximately $20,000. All scholarship materials must be submitted by no later than October 30th to be considered. Due to the number of scholarships awarded and the size of each scholarship, these awards are considered to be among the most prestigious in the country.

Past Horatio Alger scholarship winners have been selected based upon their interest in serving others and their demonstration of their ability to overcome extreme difficulties. Along with the 100 national scholarships, the association also provides awards through a State Scholars program in which awards are given to students in 23 states. Award amounts range between $2,500 and $10,500. In addition, the Dennis R. Washington Achievement Scholarship is awarded to alumni recipients of the National Scholarship who are working toward graduate and undergraduate degrees. This Horatio Alger program is specifically funded through a grant from a Horatio Alger member and his wife.

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