Graduate Psychology Scholarships for Research

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Psychology Scholarships for Research

The American Psychological Foundation and the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology have combined to create graduate psychology scholarships for students in the field of psychology. Each year, the APF/COGDOP offers thirteen scholarships for research to these graduate students, with varying amounts.

The APF and the COGDOP are two separate organizations. The APF or the American Psychological Foundation is an organization that exists for the purpose of providing financial support for research in the field of psychology. The organization has existed since 1953. The COGDOP or Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology has been in operation since 1963. This organization was formed in an effort to promote careers in psychology, and it allows members to discuss the field and to receive advanced research and education in the field.

The graduate research scholarship fund offered by these two organizations awards varying amounts each year. It is also important to note that the fund is comprised of thirteen different psychology scholarships, which is why there are thirteen awards made annually. The amounts depend on how much is in the fund for each research scholarship. In 2010, one winner will receive a $5000 award through these two organizations, but the award is actually from the Harry and Miriam Levinson Scholarship Fund. Another graduate student will receive $3000 from the Ruth G. and Joseph D. Matarazzo Scholarship Fund. Eleven other awards will be made in varying amounts from different programs within the same fund.

In order to be eligible, you must be a student in a master’s program or doctoral program. If you are currently enrolled in a master’s program, however, it must be your intention to enroll in a PhD program in the future. The purpose of these graduate psychology scholarships for research is not to pay for your education, but instead to pay for the cost of research through your graduate program. Additionally, you cannot just opt to apply for the program. Instead, you must be nominated by your department head, and your department of psychology must be a member of the COGDOP.

Because these research scholarships for psychology are used to cover the expenses of research, as opposed to the cost of education, you must also submit a research proposal, and this proposal plays a huge role in the selection of the winners of the available awards.

The deadline for applying for the APF/COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarship is June 30th of each year. On this date, all materials must be submitted to the committee that will select the award winners, and failure to have all requested documents in by this date will make you ineligible for any of the awards. The materials that must be submitted include the application form, a letter of recommendation from your graduate research advisor, an outline of your thesis or dissertation, curriculum vitae, and an official transcript.


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