General Mills Scholarships Good as Cereal

General Mills Scholarships

General Mills Scholarships

There are many General Mills Scholarships for students looking out there in the scholarship world.There are many scholarships available for those pursuing post High School education and they are presented by just as much sponsorship. Some scholarships are sponsored by famous and infamous people or corporations; while others still are sponsored by names that have lived in our households for generations. One of those well known scholarships sponsors is General Mills. General Mills has brought us some of the most recognizable brands in history. The company, which began a century and a half ago, has introduced us to Betty Crocker, Bisquick, the Green Giant, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and of course Wheaties cereal. Let’s take a look at some of the General Mills Scholarships to see if they’re as good as their cereal.

General Mills Corporate Scholars Award (The United Negro College Fund)
This Mills Scholarship award offers $5,000 for the chosen applicant. It is a scholarship based on need. Applications are accepted through March 15th of the school year. The criteria for this award will be based upon the students performance academically, career desires, the leadership they have demonstrated in school and in their community, and achievement. This Mills scholarship is available to all undergraduates majoring in Business, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, human resources, supply chain management, operations management. GPA must be 3.25 or better.

General Mills Federal Credit Union Scholarship
To receive this scholarship you have to be a credit union member. Winners of these awards can expect to receive awards as follows: 1-$3,000 award, 2-$2,000 awards, and 3 – $1,000 awards. This is not a renewable scholarship and is awarded one time only. In addition, the student must be a U.S. Citizen. The students applying for this scholarship must only carry a 2.0 grade point average. As long as they meet the above specifications and are attending an accredited educational facility; they are eligible. A 750 word essay will have to be written and is considered to be 70% of the decision making process. The deadline for this scholarship from General Mills is February 28, 2011.

General Mills Tribal College Scholarship Program
This General Mills scholarship is available to Natives students of Alaska or American Indians. This is one of those special scholarships sponsored by General Mills. The monetary award for this scholarship has been $2,000. This scholarship is only available for students attending school in Minnesota or New Mexico. The GPA for these students must be maintained at 2.5 or better. The American Indian College Fund partners in this sponsorship. The deadline for this scholarship is May 31, 2011. Students must display academic achievement of an exceptional nature as well as financial need.

General Mills Technology Scholars Award
Designed for the student that is enrolled in a college or university for at least 2 to 4 years; the General Mills Technology Scholars Award is available to students majoring in certain fields like engineering and computer science. In order to be eligible for the award students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. This $5,000 GM scholarship is sponsored by the United Negro College Fund and General Mills. The deadline for this scholarship is April 17th. The decision on these awards will be determined by the students performance academically, desires for a career, leadership resume, and achievements.

General Mills Diversity Scholarship
This General Mills Scholarship was primarily designed to assist groups that are historically not represented like the Latino, Asian, African American, and Native Indian. This scholarship is available for those students with a major in food technology. Every year no less than four scholarships are awarded and each one is worth $2,000. Students have to maintain a 2.75 GPA. The deadline for this GM award is March 1st.

These scholarships from General Mills are providing financial awards annually to those that meet their criteria. General Mills is thought to be the 6th largest company in the world and they sponsor numerous scholarships; many of them for minorities. You may want to see if one of these General Mills Scholarships is for you. You may find they’re just as good as their cereal.


  1. Deborah Irwin

    Is there a scholarship for white non Hispanic, non African, non indian ? This is unfair to the average white child who needs money just like all of the above nationalities. Also go to here:, which has many scholarships for women as well as moms.

  2. Deborah,

    go to unclaimed scholarships which have tons.

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