Free to Tweet Scholarships

free to tweet scholarships

Free to Tweet Scholarships

There’s a new patriotic twitter scholarship and it’s a good one. They’re called the Free to Tweet scholarships. Apply now and don’t let these become unclaimed scholarships. The right to free expression is something that most of us take for granted. However, it is something we need to recognize and to celebrate. To help bring some recognition to that well-known freedom, the Free to Tweet scholarships are designed with this in mind. On December 15th, it will be a day of freely tweeting what you wish. There will be 22 scholarships offered, each valued at $5,000.

Any student between the ages of 14 and 22 can be involved in this twitter scholarship contest starting at midnight on the 15th of December. All tweets that are going to be for this contest need to be introduced with the hash tag of #freetotweet to be recognized. The information can be posted on any social media including blogs, so it isn’t going to be limited to only Twitter.

The tweets that will be evaluated have to do with the First Amendment and how students view the future of it. There are five areas of freedom that can be discussed to qualify for these Free to Tweet scholarship funds. They include assembly, petition, press, speech, and religion. These twitter scholarships are in place to help students realize their role in helping to protect these rights even as technology allows us more and more freedoms with social media.

The Free to Tweet platform is going to be viewed as an annual event. It is going to be offered as a means of Twitter based scholarships every single year starting with 2011. This is the kickoff of a great phenomenon in social media that the youth in our society can benefit from. It is going to be a historical moment in time that all students should be proud to have the opportunity to take part in.

There are many celebrities that will be viewing the tweets out there too for the Free to Tweet scholarships. They will be assisting with the final judging of the winners. There hasn’t been too much information offered yet about what the judging will consist of. It is being said that the judges will be looking for original content, a powerful view of the First Amendment, and leadership among youth.

Tweets can be either self-contained or it can contain a link to a website or other social media platform. This gives students plenty of leeway for being creative and for sharing their thoughts about the value of the First Amendment.. Students can submit as many entries as they would like during that 24 hour period of time on December 15th.

This event is getting a great deal of attention, and there should be plenty of information online through social media sites that you can explore in order to find out what the youth in today’s society has to say. Students are often feeling like they don’t get a voice, so this is their chance to speak up on a very important right that we are lucky to have in the USA. It can make all of us realize those freedoms aren’t easy but that they make us the people we are today.

This is a very unique twitter scholarship that is designed to help us recognize and appreciate how important the freedom of speech really is. The fact that we live in a society based on digital media and interaction means that the freedom is even more important than ever before.

The protection that we have now online, in schools, in church, in what we write, and more is something that is well deserved. Yet that freedom didn’t come without a price. Students are encouraged to do some research about the various controversies and sacrifices that have occurred over time in order for that freedom that we have today to be known.

Being able to see the value in the Bill of Rights and how it relates to this particular section of it is something that all students need to find a new appreciation of. This is a great way to get a buzz going around this topic now and every year! It’s a good idea to reflect on all our freedoms each of us have, especially freedom of speech, so start your tweeting for scholarships with the Free to Tweet scholarships on December 15th!


  1. how do i recieve more information about this scholarship? and where do you apply for it?

  2. Kristen,

    if you want more information click the link in the article in the last sentence to get all the information: ‘Free to Tweet scholarships’

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