Environmental Scholarships for Minority Students

environmental scholarships

Environmental Scholarships for Minority Students

The appreciation of diversity in the workplace drives the support of the Brown and Caldwell environmental scholarships for minority students. As part of that value for diversity, Brown and Caldwell support organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, and the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers. The ultimate goal of the Minority Scholarship Program is to assist minority groups succeed in the environmental engineering industry. The deadline to apply for the Brown and Caldwell scholarship is March 1st.

The Brown and Caldwell scholarships for minority students are consisted of three elements that are specifically designed to increase student interest in environmental stewardship while also supporting students in defining their career goals. Selected students are provided with a $5,000 minority scholarship and an optional paid summer internship at a Brown and Caldwell office. A dedicated mentor will also be provided to guide the intern through the company’s communication and information resources. Applicants must have a declared major in a chemical, civil, or environmental engineering program.

Brown and Caldwell have established a reputation for collaborating with clients and adding value through the building of long-term relationships and innovation. The company has also become known for establishing a legacy of environmental protection that dates back to Dave Caldwell, who founded the company in 1947 with the insistence that Brown and Caldwell approach plan design in ways that would minimize the use of energy. A true pioneer, Mr. Caldwell advocated for the reuse of wastewater before it became fashionable to do so. It was his belief that the needs of clients, society, and the environment are capable of co-existing. That strong belief remains an integral part of the company’s culture today and can be readily seen in the advancements and innovations of Brown and Caldwell scientists and engineers that have followed in the footsteps of the company’s founder.

Brown and Caldwell is now one of the largest privately held environmental companies in the country. Since its inception, the company has been tasked with designing and executing innovative solutions for private industry, government, and public agencies. The overall company philosophy is one that demands economy, innovation, and simplicity for the delivery of strategic and effective solutions that will respond to the financial and operational needs of clients. Brown and Caldwell is the winner of the 2010 Excellence in Engineering Grand Prize, the 2010 Industry Leader Award, and the 2010 National Design-Build Award. The company has also been recognized for its excellence in innovation and service by several national organizations.

More than 1,500 operations and support staff, technicians, and engineers are fully supported by a dynamic information infrastructure in dozens of offices around the world. The company continues to share environmental concerns regarding the shortage of highly trained scientists and engineers throughout the industry and is committed to increasing opportunities for committed minorities to pursue educational opportunities and career’s within the environmental profession. The Brown and Caldwell Scholarship Program for minorities is designed to provide just such scholastic and professional opportunities.

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