Criminal Justice Scholarships and Grants

criminal justice scholarships and grants

Criminal Justice Scholarships

There is no shortage of criminal justice scholarships and grants out there that can make paying for your education easier. There are plenty of jobs in this growing field, and once you get your foot in the door it is a career where you can climb up the ladder. There are also many locations where you can work so it may be the fit you have been searching for. Here are some very worthy scholarships for criminal justice majors that you may want to look into.

Captain James J. Regan Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship in the area of criminal justice is offered by the National Technical Investigator’s Association. It is available for any high school senior that is going to college in this field. This is a merit based scholarship so academics, community activities, and leadership roles are all evaluated. There are two scholarships awarded each year, both for $500. The application deadline is March 31st.

Distance Learning Award for Grad Students

You may be saying you would love to get your degree completed in criminal justice, but you can’t go to school in a traditional classroom setting. Today, you have the opportunity to get most of it completed online with ease. With the Distance Learning Award for Grad Students, you can have the chance to get up to $500 if you are pursuing your Master’s Degree. The application deadline is April 1st annually and there is one winner per year.

Online Bachelor Degree Scholarships for Criminal Justice Students

Another online program offering grants scholarships in criminal justice is the Online Bachelor Degree Scholarship. Applicants can be in a bachelors program for any area of criminal justice in an accredited online program. There is one award annually in the amount of $500. Application deadline is April 1st. Undergraduate Award for Criminal Justice

This criminal justice scholarship is offered for one undergraduate student that is in any criminal justice program. Both academic history and activities are taken into consideration to determine the winner of this $500 award. The deadline to apply is April 1st annually.

ACJS Scholarships Grants for Criminal Justice

These funds are through ACJS (The Academy of Criminal Justice Science). Each year they offer several awards. The number depends on funds and applicants. The amounts also vary based on those two factors. The fall is when applications or nominations are due. Check out their website for specific information about such deadlines as they can be different each year.

NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund offers Criminal Justice Scholarships

There is a criminal justice scholarship by the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund. It is open to those that are from 9th to 12th grade and that have a financial need for funds for college. The award is a United States savings bond. The awards go to both junior and senior divisions and first place is $1000 with second being $600 and 3rd being $200. In each category there is a $100 award for an honorable mention. December 1st is the application deadline. Junior division is grade 8 and 9 while the senior division includes grades 10, 11, and 12.

Recession Relief Scholarships for Criminal Justice Majors

This is perhaps one of the more unique scholarships offered to those in the area of criminal justice. Applications can be taken at various times throughout the year so you need to go online and see when the next round of accepting them and reviewing them will occur. This is a criminal scholarship for those students that have incurred overwhelming debt with credit cards, loans, and more. Part of the application process includes an essay about why you have incurred such debt and how the scholarship can help you. The amount of such debt also needs to be itemized. The amount could be enough to cover all that debt for students or a portion of it.

Any of these great criminal justice scholarships and grants out there could be money you use for college. Pay close attention to the eligibility criteria, application process, and deadlines. You may be surprised at how many of these great scholarships in criminal justice you get awarded by the time it is all said and done!

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