West Virginia State Level Scholarships Grants Financial Aid Programs

West Virginia State Level Scholarships Grants

West Virginia State Level Scholarships Grants

Through the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, students who apply for education in colleges and universities within the state of West Virginia are able to access a variety of scholarships grants programs through which they will be able to attend and make it through their school life without any financial challenges.

There are several financial aid programs that are offered at state level in West Virginia, and students are for the same reason encouraged to go through all available information to find financial aid from the local government, state and national government. This is to help them build a good financial plan for their future.

Just as is the case with a host of the other scholarship grant applications all over the country, students are encouraged to first of all make sure that they apply for the FAFSA especially if they plan on proceeding with school beyond high school.

West Virginia PROMISE Scholarship

This is a scholarship program that is awarded on merit basis and is only available for applicants who are residents of West Virginia. The application process is often open until early March, or until a specified date set by the commission, usually March 1st.

High school graduates who are eligible for this award will get up to $4,750 towards their tuition fees and any other fees that are mandatory in any independent or public institution within the state of West Virginia.

Before you apply for this scholarship program, take note of the fact that applicants are often encouraged, and have a higher chance of being considered for the award in the event that they manage to secure at least 20 hours of community service (voluntary) either in college or while they are in high school.

West Virginia Engineering, Science and Technology Scholarship

This scholarship program is intended to encourage students who have a strong academic talent to pursue courses that are technical in nature, especially in the particular fields; engineering, technology and science.

The successful applicants will be eligible for up to $3,000 every academic year. The scholarship grant is awarded based on the applicants’ academic qualifications and interest in specific technical fields.

*However, it is also important to note that the priority will often go to applicants who are residents of West Virginia.

Application is often open until March 1st unless otherwise specified. To be considered for this award you must either be a resident alien, or a citizen in the United States. You must also have at least a 3.0 GPA and maintain it even after graduating from high school. Students must also apply for consideration to work full-time in any science and technology or engineering field within the state of West Virginia for one year for every year that you received the scholarship grant award.

*Take note that if you fail to achieve this, you will be required to repay the scholarship that you received in full, including interest and any collection fees applicable.

Underwood-Smith Teacher Scholarships Grants

These scholarships and grants is designed to encourage students to pursue teaching careers at different levels. These can be careers either at secondary school, middle, elementary or pre-school level. The scholarship award for undergraduate students is often a maximum $5,000 for every academic year. The scholarship is awarded based on the individual’s interest in teaching or taking up a course in teaching, and also on merit due to the huge number of applicants.

Child Development Scholarship Grant Program

This is a scholarship program that is offered to child care workers in West Virginia. The program is awarded for a maximum of two courses every semester that run for 3 hours each. The award goes towards paying tuition and any other fees specified.

Apart from that, the successful applicants will also receive $250 for books in every course which they are undertaking. The applicant also gets covered for any educational expenses that they incur in the course of the study, including things like child care, parking fees and travel expenses.

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