Top May Scholarships and Grants to Apply To

may scholarships

May Scholarships

The following May scholarships grants can help students residing in the United States to get good discounts and major grants on their education. The below are some notable top scholarships and grants with a May deadline.

The Nordstrom Scholarship Program

The Nordstrom Scholarship Program is designed for high school junior students who currently reside and attend school in any one of the 30 states which participate in the program and have a full line store. In order to qualify for the Nordstrom Scholarship Program, participants must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 throughout their high school and must have volunteered or participated in community services, or any extracurricular activities that might have been held in their area.

Also, all applicants must have a plan in order to attend a full four-year course at an accredited college or university within the United States. Moreover, the students must be planning to apply for financial assistance in college. The selection criteria for this scholarship include the potential for success and current academic achievements, community services and volunteering activities. Moreover, applicants must never have committed any crimes and/or found guilty. A total scholarship of $10,000 is paid out in installments of $2,500 every year. All of the finalists who are selected will be interviewed in person or through a video conference. The deadline for acceptance is 1st of May.

The Ayn Rand We the Living Contest

The Ayn Rand ‘We the Living’ Contest is for high school students of grade 10th, 11th and 12th. In order to participate in this contest, students must have read the book ‘We the Living’ by Ayn Rand, and must write a 700 – 1500 word essay using any of the prompts that are listed on the official website of the contest. All of the essays are judged upon the clarity of writing, logical organization as well as an articulate sense of writing. All the essays must exhibit the philosophical idea behind ‘We the Living’. The total scholarship grant that can be awarded ranges from $25 – $3,000 and the deadline for this May scholarship is the 6th.

The James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program

The James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program is administered by the James Beard Foundation and is set for high school seniors or graduates who are already enrolled in a course of study which leads to a certificate or degree from an accredited or licensed culinary school. Those students who demonstrate significant need for finances will be highly preferred. Those students who go through unusual family circumstances or problems, have educational aspirations and goals are the ones that are likely to succeed. The deadline for application is May 15th, and the total award for this May scholarship ranges from $2,000 to $20,000.

The Center for Student Opportunity Scholarship

The Center for Student Opportunity Scholarship is applicable by all high school seniors who are looking to attend high school within the United States. In order to be eligible for this May scholarship, applicants must be first generation students in college. This means that neither parent should have a college degree. Applicants must also be in need of financial assistance and should be looking for support via a scholarship to get through college. Importantly, all applicants must be attending a CSO partner college or a university which also partners with CSO. The total grant for this scholarship is $2,000 and the deadline for application is the 25th of May. This scholarship can be renewed depending upon the academic achievements of the individual it is granted to.

The Davis Scholarship

This May Scholarship is designed for all high school students as well as those who are currently enrolled in any university or college. All students must submit an essay of less than 1,000 words about how the level of education that they are studying has helped them become who they are and how it has helped them in everyday life. The deadline for the Davis scholarships are May 28th, and the total award that can be granted is $1,000.

*These are some top May scholarships that you can apply to with many awards given out every year.

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