Scholarships and Grants from Impact Teen Drivers

Impact Teen Drivers Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants from Impact Teen Drivers

Below are truly awesome scholarships & grants from Impact Teen Drivers which have an April deadline. These are some student aid awards our staff felt was VERY worthy of writing about because they are so meaningful in today’s society.

It’s something that can affect any family who has teenagers that are now able to drive. This is when the most driving accidents happen, when newbie teenagers get behind the wheel of a car for the first year of driving a motor vehicle.

It’s no small wonder why auto insurance rates are so outrageously high on this age group; it’s simply because an extraordinary amount of driving accidents occur.

The Impact Teen Drivers scholarships and grants call awareness to this major problem in today’s society simply by sponsoring a contest that could ingeniously lower these types of occurrences from happening for future teenage drivers.

They have also designed their scholarships grants program in such a way that it naturally gets the word out to as many as possible via video about the distractions teenage drivers face.

About Impact Teen Drivers Scholarships & Grants Program

Did you know being a distracted, or reckless teen driver is the number one killer of teenagers in america? We didn’t know this but now we do, and we are glad we know it. Parents with teenagers must talk with their newly driving teenagers and let them know about this fact.

It could save their life’s!

You must be a legal US resident to apply and between 14 -22 years old enrolled as full-time students in an accredited educational institution such as college, trade school, middle or high school.

Impact Teen Drivers are trying to spread the word about this very real danger teenagers face so as to prevent any more fatal accidents from occurring in this age group.

If you love creating video, you will surely love what you must do to submit your original work for this scholarship grant program. You simply have to create video highlighting solutions to the dangers of being distracted while driving from such things as texting, talking on the phone, putting on makeup, eating, or even showing off behind the wheel.

Drinking & driving entries are not allowed to be entered as a distraction, because this is not the focus of this contest. Although driving while intoxicated is highly dangerous to do, the above distractions mentioned earlier are to be displayed to show that they are equally as bad.

Many teenagers don’t seem to realize this, and this is precisely why reckless & distracted driving is the # 1 killer of teenagers today.

The video is to be 2 minutes in length and uploaded onto YouTube. Music is to be included in the video too.

Entries must also be submitted with a 1,200 max word essay.

Both video & essay must “showcase your idea for a SOLUTION to the very real problem of reckless and distracted driving”.

Artwork must also be submitted as a poster or T-shirt with original artwork.

All entries must be original youth led projects making sure that they do not legally infringe on another’s rights, in regards to music, art and other.

Winners of the Impact Teen Drivers Scholarships Grants will be judged base on 25% concept and creativity, 25% execution of your idea, and 50% effectiveness of your message with the main focus centered around SOLUTIONS to this problem.

Submissions can be sent in between February 16th through April 10th & Winners are announced on April 21st.

Impact Teen Drivers Scholarship Grant Student Aid

  • One $1500 American Sign Language Educational Grant will be awarded to one American Sign Language (ASL) entry of any category.
  • One $1500 Spanish Language Winner Educational Grant.
  • Three $1,500 school awards.
  • Four Grand Prize Individual Educational Grants of $1500.
  • Four Top Vote Getter Educational Grants of $500 each.

Once all videos are submitted online, friends and family can vote on the videos by viewing them of course. This is a great way to spread awareness to this deadly driving problem, by having as many people as possible understand how these types of fatalities really occur.

This can save many senseless future deaths from happening because of these everyday distractions teenagers fall prey to on a continual basis; and we applaud the sponsors of this wonderful student aid award!


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