NJ STARS Scholarships Grants for New Jersey Students

Scholarships Grants for New Jersey

NJ STARS Scholarships Grants for New Jersey Students

Students who are in New Jersey have a lot to be happy about, especially after taking into consideration the efforts that the New Jersey Council of County Colleges have made to ensure that not a single student misses out on proper education. The council has in place several scholarship and grant programs for students in different categories of their education.

There are scholarship programs for those who attend community colleges, and also have in place scholarship programs for those who are attending regular 4 year school programs. Therefore whichever institution of learning you are attending, you have no excuse not to make it.

There are 19 community colleges in New Jersey, all which prepare the students for a brighter future. The students are readied for transfer into the college and university systems, while others are ready for the job market when they leave the community colleges. Through NJ Stars and NJ Stars II students are able to access several scholarship plans so that they can be able to get subsidized payments on their school fees and tuition.

NJ Stars Scholarships Grants

This program was instituted particularly for students who are residents in New Jersey. The program is offered to the students so that it can cover their tuition costs in any of the 19 community colleges that are found in New Jersey.

The scholarship is awarded on merit basis, and because of this in order to be eligible for this scholarship program, students must first graduate within the top 15% of their high school class. Apart from just being in the top 15th percentile, there are several tests and high school courses that the students must also pass through and accomplish successfully. This mandate was set by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, together with the New Jersey Commissioner of Education.

Students who wish to be considered for this award must have taken at least 12 college credits every other academic semester. For those who believe that they have the time and the competence to take on more, they will be allowed to go for up to 18 credit units every academic semester. However, you should only go for this option of accelerating your education towards a faster graduation if you are sure you will be able to handle the challenge.

Depending on the appropriation determined by the state of New Jersey, the student is also allowed to make use of either of the summer semester sessions as a part of the 5 semesters wherein they can be considered as eligible candidates for the scholarship award.

In the event that a student wishes to be considered for this award, you are free to select less than 12 credits in your final semester especially if you are in a position where you do not necessarily need all the 12 credits to graduate.

You must have at least 540 points in your SAT to be considered for this award. For renewal purposes, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA and above if you are to receive the scholarship into subsequent years.

NJ Stars II Scholarships Grants

These are scholarships and grants that targets those students who are working towards their Bachelor’s degrees. To be considered for this award you must have attained at least a 3.25 GPA in your associate’s degree. If you are successful, you will be eligible for up to $2,500 every academic year. The scholarship program is available for students in any New Jersey public or private 4 year university or college.

The state of New Jersey will as per this scholarship program take charge of 100% of the NJ Stars II award, while the student will be required to take responsibility for whichever balance remaining.

In as far as renewal is concerned the applicant must be sure to maintain at least a 3.25 GPA throughout their academic years. However, it is also important to note that in the event that your family has an average income of more than $250,000 you will not be allowed to apply for this scholarship plan. Read more at NJ Stars college scholarships grants.


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