Disability Grants and Scholarships Make College Easy

Life becomes so much more complex when you suffer from a disability, but paying for college is easy with disability grants and scholarships. While most people don’t realize that there are thousands of dollars available in the form of scholarships for the disabled, these programs do exist and they help thousands of disabled people pay for college each year. It may be difficult to find these programs at times, but a little research will net you with numerous different leads for disability scholarships and grants.


Generally, college students with disabilities must borrow money from various sources in order to cover all of the costs associated with attending college. This might include disability grants from both the federal government as well as private sources. While the federal government does provide money solely for those with some sort of physical or mental disability, which is estimated to be about forty million Americans, private organizations are where most of the scholarships for people with disabilities  come from. 


How do these Programs Work?


Disability grants do not work the same way that many traditional programs work. The main difference between able-bodied and disability programs is the added challenge of simply attending classes that a disabled person may face. To this end, a person with disabilities can apply and qualify for traditional, tuition covering monies, as well as money that has been earmarked to the schools in order to make them more accessible to the disabled students who attend.


Many people may wonder why this is important, and many other may feel that it is the job of the school to make these accessibility upgrades. The sheer reality of these situations is that there are so many different disabilities and the overall student populations containing these minorities are low. In order to solicit and gain these people as students, schools need to be able to make these improvements on the fly as these students present themselves. Making this money available as a scholarship for disabled students also allows the student to be in on the design and decision-making, creating a niche relationship where the student is able to thrive at that particular institution.


What Kind of Programs are Out There?


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different scholarships for people with disabilitiesavailable to those who suffer from some form of mental or physical disability today. Usually they are grouped according to what the disability is. For example, the National Federation for the Blind, and the Jewish Guild for the Blind both offer programs for students who suffer from some form of blindness. The same is true for many other disabilities such as deafness, paralysis, or learning disabilities.


Many institutions have grant monies set aside strictly for disabled students as well. One such program is the P Buckley Moss Society disability scholarships. The P Buckley Moss Society has three disability scholarships grants worth up to $1,500 which  are easy to get, if you fall into their disability scholarship grant criteria. Most schools have a special resource center that operates solely to serve disabled students. These resource centers within the schools are usually in charge of the money that the school has set aside for people with disabilities. They also have specialists who can help students find the money that is available to them. The best way to get started on this path is to contact the schools that you are interested in and ask to speak with the disability resource center.


The other disability grant scholarship programs that are available to those who have some sort of disability are found within specialized schools who only take students that are disabled. An example of one of these schools can be seen in the Gallaudet University, which is a college strictly for those with hearing impairments.


You can do it Too!


It will not be a simple task to find college scholarships for students with disabilities for your college education, especially if you suffer from some form of disability. This does not mean that it is something that you will not be able to do. The first step is to contact the schools that you are interested in as they will be able to point you in the right direction. These disability resource centers often have lists of disability grants and scholarships that you may qualify for. No matter what disability you have, the fact is that paying for college is easy, with free money for your schooling, in the form of disability grants and scholarships.

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  1. Nadeem,

    try the FSD grant. It sounds like you may some disability problems which will allow you to qualify. Read up on graduate scholarships. The Fulbright Scholarship may help you too. Go to disability scholarships _ which is a great website resource.

  2. eating disorders can be very deadly, take a lot at Karen Carpenter.’,

  3. i am looking for have i adhd and looking information to go school and training and living expens as well please help in this

  4. patrick,

    you must apply to as many disability type scholarships as you can which you fit the qualifying criteria. We highlight many on our website and their are many others. Apply directly to the sponsor of the scholarship.

  5. hi , im trying to find a really good school that helps disability people attend collage, can you please send me info to my email thanks.

  6. christina,

    every college will have a disability program of some kind. Just go to a college your considering attending and talk to the financial aids office to see which disability programs you can apply for such as scholarships, grants or need based programs. Go to Government disability student aid to read more.

  7. are there scholarship for bipolar students

  8. kaeln,

    go to Lilly BiPolar Scholarships to read more on this.

  9. Ia a Kenyan deaf lady and currently a 1st bachelor of education in special needs education at Kenyatta University. I have shortcoming in paying my university fees from my meager income. my family is not stable financial.
    kindly advice me how I can be a beneficiary of your scholarship program since I have no any sponsor,
    thank you in advance

  10. Naomi,

    go to the VLIR Scholarship and see if this helps. Go to Fulbright Scholarships and more Fulbright Scholarships for disabilities.

    Other reading which may help you is:

    Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Program an International study abroad scholarship
    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants are Unusual Scholarships
    Athens Greece ASCSA Study Abroad Scholarships

  11. I am a 44-year-old mother who returned to college on a 3/4 time basis in Jan. of this year. I became disabled 13 years ago with severe depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain (mostly lower back pain). I also suffer from concentration, memory problems, and receive SSDI.
    I submitted an application for the PASS Plan (Social Security Program to become self-sufficient) to help with college expenses and to get assistance in purchasing a used vehicle for transportation. The last time I spoke with the PASS Cadre who is in charge of my case told me that she would only approve $50 dollars in SSI benefits because I received a C in my math class this last semester. She states that she wants to wait until the end of the next semester (Fall 2011) before she decides whether or not to approve or deny my PASS Plan.
    Since Jan., my mother and daughter have shared the burden of driving me to and from classes, in addition to the other every day places that I need to go to (doctors appointments, store, etc.). I am able to drive, I am just unable to get a loan to purchase a vehicle because of bad credit, mostly because of enormous unpaid medical bills. My mother is retired and I do not want to ask her to co-sign for me.
    I have been searching the web for organizations or programs that might be able to help me in this area. I live in a rural area and this has put a tremendous amount of stress on my mother. I have an awful lot of guilt every time I have to ask her to take me somewhere. I also volunteer at the American Red Cross twice a week and that adds to the amount gas, time, and travel that my mother spends. I don’t drive her vehicle because it costs too much to put me on her insurance.
    Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. I have seen your remarks regarding the “no co-signer loans” but would like to avoid that if at all possible. Thank you in advance.

  12. Is anyone aware of any scholarships for someone who has recovered from severe anorexia? Or scholarships 4 someone whose parent is disabled.

  13. I would like to study masters in economics

  14. i got below knee leg amputatin i m from Balochistan Pakistan can i get scholarship

  15. liaquat,

    Read more on college bursaries. Go directly to the scholarships sponsors website to apply to any scholarship you like.

  16. I am looking for assistance for my daughter who is in treatment for an eating disorder, she is taking the semester off to get under control and it is very expensive for us to pay for the treatment. Additionally she has anxiety, depression and and is bi polar. Any suggestion where to look.

  17. Joan,

    organizations which support this type of disability are a good resource for what you are looking for and may offer financial support for college. Go to eating disorder scholarships.

  18. Hi I’m a 19yr multti-skilled LPN who is now a above the amputee,my prior job will not rehire me with a wheel chair or scooter I just got my perm leg sob I’m learning to walk again. Soo I’ve decided to go back to school for DNP or BSN but online would be the best for me ,can you recomend some grant sites Thank You

  19. Sandra,

    read more at http://www.disabilityscholarships.us/ and https://www.disability.gov/ (hit tab Education and scholarships & financial aid).

  20. Hi i am so lost with all this stuff i does anyone know how to get a loanout from colletions and in foforbearance so i can go back to school mandy

  21. mandy,

    You may want to go to: https://studentaid.ed.gov/; which should have what your looking for. Use the search bar to find what you want.
    Also read more at http://www.studentloansnocosigner.us/

  22. Can anyone tell me if there are college scholarship options for those who went through treatment for a severe eating disorder and completed? I am in recovery now but financially I could use the money for school. I took a semester off. I have been researching options but I can’t really find anything.

  23. Amanda,

    Best bet is to search Foundations and organizations which provide support for eating disorders. They many times have educational awards which you can apply to. Red more at http://www.disabilityscholarships.us/disability-scholarships-blog/. Also no cosigner student loans are a good last resort.

  24. I am searching for disability scholarships for pediatric cancer survivors. My son has an internal prosthetic related to Osteosarcoma bone cancer. Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Debra,

    read more at cancer scholarships. Also search for organizations, or Foundations which provide support for you son’s condition as well. Many times they have educational awards to apply to.

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