Clemson University Scholarships and Grants

University Scholarships and Grants

Clemson University Scholarships and Grants

Students who are keen on pursing an education at Clemson University can marvel at the presence of college scholarships and grants that are engineered to help them achieve their goals in learning, while at the same time making sure that none of the bright students miss out on the opportunity to excel in their academics.

Clemson University provides these college scholarships & grants to the enrolled students on different grounds such as: merit, achievement, and financial need, or at times a combination of both.

Located in South Carolina this is the highest ranked national university in the region. According to a national survey, students who go to Clemson University are ranked the happiest in the country, an indication of the quality of life in general at the university. Therefore besides the scholarships, grants and other financial aid programs that are available, this is indeed one of the best institutions you can consider learning in.

Clemson University provides scholarships & grants to students in different categories; upperclassmen and freshmen.

The institution often awards scholarships in two phases in the academic year. You can either apply for the spring college scholarships which will be in effect when the new academic year begins, or you can apply for the fall scholarships which are in effect during the spring semester of the academic year within which you are applying. These are also referred to as make-up awarding.

Clemson University has 4 scholarship categories:

Academic recruiting – These are available for freshmen only. Incoming students are expected to file their FAFSA before they apply for these scholarships, which include Clemson Scholars, Palmetto Pact Scholarship and Trustee Scholarship to mention but a few.

Diversity – These are scholarships that are offered to students of diverse needs, to support the creation of a diverse student body.

Restricted – These are scholarships and grants that are not renewable and are only offered once in an academic year.

Additional Clemson scholarship opportunities – Such scholarships often include special programs that are under the mandate of the university for students that engage in particular activities identified by the institution.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program

This is a scholarship that is offered under the State of South Carolina to the residents who study within SC. This program award students scholarships between $6700 and $10,000 every academic year. The scholarship or grant award is based on the student’s level of studies and the major that they are undertaking.

Applicants are often advised to apply through their high school to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. The award is renewable up to a maximum of 4 academic years or 8 semesters as long as the student meets the criteria set for renewal.

LIFE Scholarship Grant Program

These awards are given to students between $5000 and $7500 on an annual basis depending on the student’s academic level and the major that they plan on studying. Students do not need to make any special application for this because Clemson University usually determines whether or not they are eligible for the award.

As long as the student meets the minimum renewal requirements, the award is given on a rolling basis up to 4 academic years, or 8 academic semesters from the date of commencement of the college program. You can also earn this scholarship right after you have been enrolled in college.

*** It is also worth noting especially for those who intend to apply for or those who are already receiving the Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship programs that they can be enhanced to higher values in the event that the student is enrolled in particular majors, especially science and math affiliated majors, and you have also completed particular coursework in the course of your freshman year.

HOPE Scholarship Program

The South Carolina Hope Scholarship Program is provided only for the freshman year, and is valued at $2800. It is worth noting that if you receive this award during your freshman year in Clemson University, you will also be able to apply for the LIFE Scholarship program for the rest of your school years.

With so many various scholarships and grants available from CU, students may want to apply to see what else may surface from CU scholarships grants, that is newer on the student aid market.

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