Berkeley College Grants and Scholarships

Berkeley College Grants and Scholarships

Berkeley College Grants and Scholarships

Over the years there have been a lot of students who have come to go through their studies and graduate into the society as responsible adults through Berkeley College as a result of their grants and scholarships programs that have been instituted in the college for so many years.

Berkeley’s enrollment is 8000 plus students and has nine locations scattered throughout New York and New Jersey; with an online presence too.

For more than 80 years the college has been at the forefront in shaping the futures and lives of a lot of individuals in the society, helping students on the path to a greater and brighter future.

With Bachelor’s, associate degrees and certificate programs there is so much more to this college for students especially for those who are keen on their goals and objectives in life.

In light of their mission to empower students, the institution offers different scholarship and grant programs for students to help them keep up with their education throughout their stay in school.

Berkeley College Achievement Scholarships and Grants

These college scholarships are available to full-time and part-time students who managed an average 2.50 GPA or who scored higher than that. The award is renewable every academic year and is based on the cumulative GPA score. Eligible students are often awarded up to $3,000 every academic year depending on their GPA score.

Berkeley College Grant

In the event that you are a student at Berkeley College you are eligible for state and federal aid under different circumstances. Once you get either of these forms of sponsorship but you still feel that you do not have enough to get you through the school year, you can apply for this grant.

The Berkeley College Grant is offered to students who have already received federal or/and state assistance but still have demonstrated financial need. in order for you to be considered for this award you must obtain at least a 2.0 GPA

The award criteria for this program depends on your level of financial need, your cumulative GPA for the academic year, and due to the high number of applicants, your status as either a part-time or a full-time student.

Berkeley College Alumni Legacy Scholarships Grants

This is a scholarship program that encourages students of the institution to get their kids to the same institution as they grow up, so that they too can be able to enjoy and appreciate the good quality of education available at Berkeley.

Students who are eligible for these scholarships and grants program will benefit from a maximum 25% scholarship once they have received any form of financial assistance. Such are students who have a member of their family who graduated from the college. The family members in question could be the parent(s), grandparent(s) or any individual that qualifies as a legal guardian to the student.

This is a renewable scholarship program that is available to students who can attain at least a 2.50 GPA when the award period comes to a close, into the new award year. Apart from that the student must also have been enrolled in the institution as a full-time student.

Berkeley College TAP Grants

Eligible students for this award must be registered as full-time students in the institution. The TAP Grant is offered by the New York State, and the successful applicants are often awarded $1,500 in every award period from the college.

Berkeley Federal Student Financial Aid

There are a host of other sponsorship grant programs that are available at the institution, which students are encouraged to apply for.

Students can apply for the Federal Pell Grant that offers up to $5,730 every award period, the Federal Direct Strafford Loan (FDSL) which is offered in incremental capacities from $3,500 in the first year, and increases every academic year by $1,000. The third and final study years both receive up to a maximum of $5,500 as the base scholarship award.

Other awards that vary in the value of the award given to students include the Federal Work Study (FWS) award, the Social Security Benefits, Federal Aid to Native Americans and the Veterans’ Benefits awards.

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