AfterCollege Scholarships and Grants

AfterCollege Scholarships and Grants

AfterCollege Scholarships

Have you heard of the AfterCollege Scholarships and grants? You may want to consider them because they have a nice variety of scholarships to choose from. They offer students the chance to win scholarships in the health fields, engineering, science, nursing, and business student scholarships. They have doled out over $800,000 in scholarships grants in various majors.

Just who is Aftercollege anyways?

Aftercollege is known for connecting students and recent grads with employers who are hiring for internships and entry-level positions. Aftercollege gives people looking for jobs a competitive advantage because of their use of sophisticated patented job search algorithm and career-building tools in helping to land that all-important first job. This sounds amazingly good, and apparently it’s true. The reports are very good about Aftercollege.

Aftercollege enjoys awarding the deserving students scholarships and grants in helping them cover their high college cost.

But it’s not over there!

Aftercollege will then work like crazy on your behalf into rewarding careers after college – their forte’.
This is why it’s so important for students looking to major in their offered scholarship programs to apply to them. If you happen to win one, then you will be on the fast track to career success with them working on your behalf.

Wow – does it get any better than this?

Hardly if at all!

Let’s look at a list of scholarships and grants they offer.

AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship

This has a June 30 the deadline so hurry and apply for it now! You only need a minimum 2.5 GPA to qualify and must be a member of AfterCollege, which is easy to do. You must be a current student, enrolled (for fall and/or summer sessions) in an accredited program, working towards a degree (AA, AS, BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD) in any discipline.

Allied Health Students can apply to below scholarship grant programs

Med Technology & Clinical Lab Science Scholarship
Occupational Therapy Scholarship (co-sponsored with Ensign Therapy)
Pharmacy Student Scholarship
Physical Therapy Student Scholarship
Speech Language Pathology Scholarship

Engineering Students can apply to the following Aftercollege scholarships grants

Engineering Student Scholarship (open to all engineering majors)
Computer Science & Engineering Student Scholarship
Electrical Engineering Student Scholarship

Business students can apply to their Business Student Scholarship!
Nursing Students can apply to the AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship (4-Year Students only)
Science Students can apply to the Science Student Scholarship

Aftercollege scholarships are 100 % financially supported with employers and organizations that care about education for future students. This appears to be a grass-roots type of organization to today’s corporate world which makes Aftercollege very appealing.

If you happen to win a scholarship from Aftercollege you can apply again to try to win another one.
When looking for scholarships, students must try all avenues. Aftercollege seems to have nice scholarship offerings, with a good variety of them. You must sign up with Aftercollege to have the chance to win one of their scholarships and grants – but it’s free to do so.

This can be a positive thing because they do offer a valuable service which one day you will want to become a part of – which is help in getting your first job. You never know, they may be really connected more so then the average job placement service. I’m sure they will work on your behalf whether you win a scholarship or not because this is what they are all about, so registering with them may be the smart thing to do in the long run.

You may have to put up with some of their emails that do not apply to you, but then again there may be something of interest in there at the same time. This is true of ANY service which is similar though.

All in all, we do feel the benefits FAR out-way the negatives with regards to your future earning potential.

Apply now to the Aftercollege scholarships and grants!


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