Actuarial Scholarships Grants for Minority Students

Actuarial Scholarships Grants for Minority Students

Actuarial Scholarships Grants for Minority Students

Mutual of Omaha has some great actuarial scholarships and grants that are worth looking into. Those students good at math, or like working with numbers should look into the actuary field of study for a very handsome career.

Most students really have no idea what being an actuary is, but actuaries have the highest job satisfaction rating that is just about second to none. They also make very good starting salaries right out of the gate, so this is always a good thing no matter how you look at it. It is a low stress working environment and it’s very intellectually stimulating. You also will be able to work in a variety of settings too.

*One of the best reasons about being an actuary is they enjoy a harmonious work/life balance, which will be very appreciated when once married with children.

The true definition of an Actuary is “a person who compiles and analyzes statistics and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums”. In other words actuaries manage risk for organizations by using analytical skills so they can plan for the future and protect themselves from loss. This allows the company to grow as planned – the hallmark of all stable companies.

Actuaries are referred to as the backbone of financial security because many multinational corporations consult actuaries first so they can move in a desired business direction.

Mutual of Omaha scholarships and grants can really help to kick-start your college endeavor in becoming an actuary. For those not familiar with Mutual of Omaha, they have been in business for over a century providing people with insurance, financial and banking products.

Along with being financially strong, they pride themselves on being a family oriented company having solid conservative values. They have A ratings across the board from leading financial rating agencies; which is NOT so common nowadays!

They also are involved in the community on a multitude of levels, and they are very charitable on their donations to those groups which need it the most. They do this all through their Mutual of Omaha Foundation. In fact, they state that their company was founded on one simple principle: “help people in time of need”.

*As you can see this is the kind of company students should keep on the radar at graduation time!

Scholarships Grants from Mutual of Omaha

The Mutual of Omaha Actuarial Scholarship for Minority Students is a $5,000 award. Requirements to apply are that students must be a minority and US citizens enrolled full-time as an undergraduate and pursuing an actuarial or mathematics related degree to become an actuary. A 3.0 GPA must be maintained and passed at least one actuarial exam.

October 20th is last day to summit an application along with other required documentation and winners are notified by November 30th..

If a student is selected for the award they must agree to complete one summer internship program at Mutual of Omaha home office in Nebraska. This would be one great experience because Interns get paid housing, hourly rate of pay,financial incentives, and participation in a variety of company sponsored activities and events throughout the summer.

Give actuarial science a second look if you like math or numbers that give meaning to what you calculate and solve because the jobs will be there for you upon graduation. This career is a high demand field of study.

Any other questions or concerns about the Mutual of Omaha actuarial scholarships for minorities by calling (402) 351-3300 or by visiting:

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