Washington University Scholarships Grants

washington university scholarships

Washington University Scholarships Grants

Washington University scholarships grants are a great opportunity for prospective students who are searching for merit-based scholarships which do not take a family’s financial circumstances into consideration. Prospective students should be aware that no athletic scholarships are offered at this university due to the fact that all of the athletic programs at Washington University are in the NCAA Division III, which does not allow athletic-specific scholarships to be awarded. All Academic Scholarship and Fellowship Programs at Washington University are offered solely on academic achievement.

There are five undergraduate divisions at Washington University. They are the College of Architecture, the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Art, the School of Engineering & Applied Science and Olin Business School. Scholarship awards offered through these divisions range from annual awards of $3,000 to half-tuition scholarships up to full tuition scholarships worth $42,500 per academic year, along with annual stipends. Applicants should be aware that each fellowship or scholarship has a slightly different procedure for applying. All application materials must be received by no later than January 15th.

The Arthur Holly Compton Fellowship Program is offered through the College of Arts & Sciences as part of their Honorary Scholars Program. This award program is worth up to four full-tuition fellowships along with a $1,000 stipend in mathematics and physical sciences.

The college also administers the George E. Mylonas Scholarship program, which includes up to four full-tuition scholarships with a $1,000 stipend in humanities.

The Florence Moog Fellowship program awards up to four full-tuition fellowships with a $1,000 stipend in chemistry and biological sciences.

The Arnold J. Lien Scholarship Program awards up to four full-tuition scholarships with a $1,000 stipend in social sciences.

The Liselotte Dieckmann scholarship grant program awards up to 16 half-tuition scholarships in the College of Arts & Sciences. Recipients for this scholarship are chosen from the Compton, Moog, Mylonas and Lien scholarship applicant pool. No separate application is required.

The Howard Nemerov Writing Scholarship program awards up to ten $3,000 scholarships. The J. Stephen Fossett Pathfinder Fellowship awards up to one full-tuition fellowship with a research stipend.

There are also Washington University scholarships and grants awarded in the College of Architecture, such as the James W. Fitzgibbon Scholarship. One full tuition scholarships, plus a $1,000 stipend is awarded. There are also five $6,000 scholarships awarded in this college.

The College of Art at Washington University also awards several grants scholarships. Among those are the Conway/Proetz Scholarships. One full tuition scholarship is awarded, plus five $6,000 scholarships. Applicants to the College of Art who submit portfolios will be automatically considered for these scholarships.

The Olin Business School offers Dean’s Scholarships in Business. At least one full tuition scholarship is offered as well as five partial tuition scholarships grants.

The School of Engineering & Applied Science offers the Alexander S. Langsdorf Fellowship. Up to four full tuition fellowships are available through this program.

The Calvin M. Woodward Fellowship offers up to eight partial tuition fellowships with a value of up to half-tuition for each fellowship. No application is necessary for these fellowships. Students will be selected from the Langsdorf fellowship applicant pool.

The James M. McKelvey Undergraduate Research Award provides for up to eight $5,000 research awards.

The Summer Scholars Program in Biology and Bio-medical Research provides for up to twenty scholars to receive travel expenses within the United States as well as living expenses for a 7-week on-campus stay during the summer prior to their freshman year.

Other Washington University scholarships and grants include the Entrepreneurial Scholars Program, which offers up to eight $3,000 scholarships.

There is also the John B. Ervin Scholars program. This program offers multiple partial-tuition scholarships as well as multiple full-tuition scholarships that also include $2,500 stipends.

The Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program provides for multiple partial-tuition scholarships and multiple full-tuition scholarships with $2,500 stipends. These Washington University scholarships are university-wide scholarships and applicants may apply for as many as they wish.

With such a wide variety of scholarships and grants from Washington University, it is well worth the time spent applying to them – especially since most they offer do not take a family’s financial circumstances into consideration.

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